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    hello I want to apply for supervisa for my parents but I just got my permanent residency now. Do I need to wait for one year to apply. Or can I apply now? please help
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    Inland Landing as a PR

    Hii guys I want to validate my COPR. I dont have a US visa can I still do flagpolling?! If so then what days at Niagara Border?! Please share your experience ?! Or do I need to book an appointment ?!
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    TRV form mistake

    Hello Please help me with this In form as a returning worker to canada I fill application for TRV to canada I made a mistake in one question ?! The country I am applying for I put India and status I put visitor which should be citizen ( as I am on vacation from my work I put visitor I did...
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    Applied TRV from India Chandigarh on 26 th Oct

    Hii guys Did anybody apply TRV on matching days from Chandigarh Vfs and recieved anything. Please connect here!! I applied on 26 th October and havent recieved anything yet !! Please help Thanks