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    TRV and AL holder need Return ticket?

    Hello. If for example, the travellers have a valid TRV and AL, should their flight details be round trip? If yes, how long is the best acceptable interval? If no, isn't it that a return flight is required for TRV holders to be approved by CBSA? Thank you.
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    Condo or Mobile Home - First time home buyer

    I have just received my CoPR and would like to buy a house to live in probably first quarter 2021. Single-income household and already checked the bank with a pre-approved amount of only $135,000. I am in Duncan, BC and I checked the market and will only be able to afford either a small condo...
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    PR Card

    CoPR - Jun 2, 2020 PR Card application (photo and CoPR) express posted - will be received on Jun 11. Anybody who can share their timeline from passing PR card application to receipt of the ID? Thank you.
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    EE Application Sibling Documents

    Please enlighten me on the requirements for the following document uploads: 1. Proof of PR/Citizenship of sibling - my sister is already a citizen. Passport is enough? 2. Proof of residency in Canada of sibling - latest utility bill (cable service) with Canadian address? 3. Proof of sibling...
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    Tourist Visa after AOR

    Status - AOR (BC PNP PR application - Inland) Questions: 1. Can I apply for tourist visa once my AOR arrives? I need it to take a month vacation to my country. 2. Do I need to wait for my bridging work permit before I apply since my PGWP expires on June 2020 and I still am not able to apply for...
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    Police certificate

    I lived only in my home country and in Canada for more than 6 consecutive months. My question is do I also get a certified criminal check from Canada or just my home country? I am in Canada now applying PR via Provincial Nominee program. Thanks
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    Decision Finalized in BC PNP Profile

    What does "Decision Finalized" status in BC PNP mean? I do not know when it was changed to decision finalized as I was not checking my emails frequently. Thank you
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    BC PNP Skilled Worker Pathway

    If my nomination for BC PNP Skilled worker has been approved, what is my next step? Do I still need to do Express Entry or can I apply for PR without it? If I can apply without EE, which is faster? Thank you.
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    Difference between SI Skilled Worker and EE Skilled Worker in BC PNP

    Please advise the difference between SI Skilled Worker and EE Skilled Worker. I just noticed that the points required for the SI Skilled Worker is lower than the EE Skilled Worker. I only have 95 pts and it may be enough for the SI skilled worker but 10 pts shy for the EE skilled worker. This...
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    Implied Status

    I will be graduating this week and my work permit will expire on the 31st of January. I have 90 days to process my PGWP as my student permit expires on April 30, 2019. My question is, will I be able to work (on implied status) until I process for my PGWP? I plan to process it by end of...
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    Job title is NOC C but tasks are NOC B. What is the NOC?

    My friend's job title is Customer Service Agent (call center) which is NOC C. However, he is taking calls for cable technical support, and tasks are for repair and support which is NOC B. How will my friend make sure that the job experience counts as NOC B and not C? He only has the email job...
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    BC PNP Employer Requirements

    What if your employer does not meet the number of full time employees? My employer is a sole proprietor and since his business is not that big yet, he cannot get 3 (minimum requirement in BC PNP for those not in Metro Vancouver) full time employees yet. He does want to sponsor me but that is...
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    BC PNP Employer Requirement

    Are all pathways for BC PNP requiring an employer sponsorship where the employers should have 5 or more full-time employees?
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    BC PNP Employer Requirement

    Hello. What if the employer wants to sponsor the applicant (international graduate). However, it is just a small business and the applicant will be the only employee since the owners are also working in the business. The position will be NOC B. The business is not in greater Vancouver. Is the...
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    Implied Status and Date of PGWP

    My friend studied a certificate course of only 10 months (became 1 year because of the summer break). He cannot afford to enroll for another course as it is too expensive. Here are his questions: 1. Will the PGWP be only 10 months or 1 year (school actual date start and date end is 1 year - Feb...
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    International Student Who Wants to Renew Temporary Visit Visa

    Hello. I am an international student with study permit valid until April 2019. I will apply for PGWP after my graduation. My TRV recently expired Sept 2018. I want to apply for a new TRV so that I can re-enter Canada in any case that there will be delays or issues and if I want to travel back...
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    Part Owner of Small Business in BC

    Is there any immigration path that I can take if I am a part-owner of a small business here in BC? The business will be able to sponsor me, but we are 3 owners and we will not need any employees as we can do the work ourselves. Is there any applicable immigration path for me? I am currently an...
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    BC PNP - Part Owner of Small Business

    Is there any BC PNP path that I can take if I am a part-owner of a small business here in BC? The business will be able to sponsor me, but we are 3 owners and we will not need any employees as we can do the work ourselves. Is there any applicable BC PNP path for me? I am currently an...
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    Quebec Student to take ASP

    A student in a french school in Montreal is taking DEP in esthetics. He will need to take his ASP in Electrolyse to complete his 1800 HOURS before he applies for the permanent residency. To take his ASP, he would need to extend his student visa. How much money should he has in his account to...
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    International Student Graduate with different NOC job experience

    International Student Graduate with PGWP and with different NOC (B and A) job experience. Will the work experiences add up even if the job description and the NOCs are different? I would like to know so I can use the information when I file for PR under CEC. Thank you.