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    PR and personal property.

    My wife and I are like others still waiting for our PR approval. and with the corona keeping everything slowed down to a snails pace. we are having to adjust our plans IF APPROVED. with the 6month rule. "Hypothetically speaking & just as an example)" Lets say you intended on buying a replacement...
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    Request for additional documents - timing and GCKey

    We got a request for additional documents on 2/12. We made an error of omission on our application. We had to apply for another police certificate so we did not respond until 2/24. Per the instructions we sent a letter and supporting documents to an email address. GCKey has not been updated and...
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    Landing in RV/5th Wheel - Belongings list

    Hi all, We will do a "soft landing" at one of the Vancouver border points and we will be pulling our 5th wheel to leave on family property while we go back and tie up loose ends before making the permanent landing. On our belongings list, do we have to list all of the permanent attached items in...