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    Northern Rural Immigration Pilot Program

    Let us see if we see something today.. fingers crossed
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    Northern Rural Immigration Pilot Program

    It is already fall they haven’t started accepting applications yet
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    Rural and northern immigration pilot program

    hey peeps, any update on when this program is going to start?
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    early coming

    When have u applied for the visa and when you got it?
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    passport request means?urgent

    Ohh sorry i haven't read it.. Is your decision showing approved?
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    passport request means?urgent

    Link your application to cic account to know more.. But as i am concerned they request passport to add visa counterfoil only.. Means application is approved
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    passport request means?urgent

    Congrats your application is approved hopefully
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    passport request means?urgent

    WHen and where have u applied? When did u get the request? Its good sign hopefully you will get visa
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    A decision has been made on your application please send your passport what does it mean???

    When and where have you applied? I applied on 3rd October still waiting for the visa
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    some one help me

    Its serious issue i suggest u not to do that ..if u do this after reaching canada most probably u will be questioned by cix..
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    Chandigarh vfs delay

    Guys who applied in October in Chandigarh vfs is there any update ? I applied on 3rd oct no updates yet
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    Medical tests to get visa

    Dont worry man if it doesn't involve any implantion(like rod etc) in the bone then its okk u must clearify your panel pysician along with the surgery record that its not anything serious as they gonna check each and every part of the body. Kindly carry your surgery records for that.
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    Medical tests to get visa

    Can u elaborate what type of surgery are u having? Is it because of injury? And in which part of leg? Kindly explain so we can suggest u..
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    Student visa delay

    Have u got visa till yet?
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    October applied students at chd vfs

    Anyone applied at Chandigarh embassy on or near 3 oct and got any update?
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    Anyone got visa who applied to chandigarh vfs?

    Me too applied 3 oct still waiting.. Have u linked your application to the cic account? Any update?
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    Anyone got visa who applied on 13 oct from chd vfs?

    Applied 3rd October still waiting have patience
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    Applied in October 2017

    Applied 3rd October still waiting bro
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    Approval letter

    When have u applied and at which vfs?
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    Student Visa Awaited

    Earlier after how Many days u got rejection? I applied on 3 oct and still waiting at chd vfs only