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    Help Regd Noc Code | Mechanical Eng and Self Employed

    Hi Wanted your help on the below situation: I have done Mechanical Engineering and worked for a company for 2 yrs(2017-2019) in the same field and then started my own business in 2019. In total i have more than 3+yrs of experience. Could you please suggest how to go ahead in this scenario...
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    Parents visiting on a visitor visa

    If parents are staying at same house with us, do we need to prove to immigration that they will live in a separate room ? And if we dont interact with our parents can me/wife go to work?
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    IMM 5713 vs. IMM 5476

    Hi @Chyna What did you answer for the initial questionnaire for representative? Did you enter No and continued filling the application? I am in a similar situation like yours
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    Questions regarding Visitor Visa

    The funds need to be in their bank account. Regarding how much, it really depends on their stay. I am applying for Visit visa for my parents this week and they have about $10k(Combined) in their account. They are planning to stay for a month. Hoping for the best :)
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    Help - TRV for Parents - Proof of Funds/Invitation Letter

    Hi @wonderkid Even i am in a similar situation like yours. What did you answer for the question "Do you require financial support" during the initial questions? Currently my dad runs a small business from home which is not registered(This covers his basic day to day expenses), hence i guess i...
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    Finance a New Car as Immigrant

    Thanks for your input
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    Finance a New Car as Immigrant

    Hi I moved to Calgary in march 2018 and planning to Finance a new car. Does anyone have an idea of the interest rate applicable when i get a new car? My credit score is 695. I went to the dealer and he told i will get 0% which i believe is not possible and if he does a hard check, its gonna hit...
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    Visitor Visa for Parents

    Thanks a lot for ur help
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    Visitor Visa for Parents

    Thanks a lot for the Info Bryanna. One more thing, if they get a supervisa and stay only for 1-2 months and fly out, will it be an issue?
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    Visitor Visa for Parents

    <<Taher>> Yes. I can host them on SuperVisa. If i got with Supervisa, do they need to show any money on their side? Also, will SuperVisa be granted if they plan to stay just for 1-2 months?
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    Visitor Visa for Parents

    Hi, Me and my wife are permanent residents of Canada and i want to call my parents for about a month to visit us in Canada. My dad is retired and mom is a homemaker. Both of them have filed IT returns for the last 2 yrs. I am financially supporting them on a monthly basis and the house in India...
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    Driving Letter from Saudi Arabia

    Visit the "Dallah Driving Office" opposite King Abdulaziz Financial City on King Fahd road. Once u enter the building, visit the office on the right, go to the counter(3 i guess) and ask for 'Taqreer Mufaddal' and give ur license. He will print a letter for u.. take that to counter 1, get it...
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    Calgary - Sharing landing experience

    Can we drive on an Indian license initially? Or its compulsory to have a IDP?
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    Calgary - Sharing landing experience

    Very Informative Post.. Thanks..
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    Calgary - Sharing landing experience

    Hi PonJoub Your post was really useful. I will be landing in Calgary Feb end. I had a dew questions if you could help me out. 1. I visited Canada in Oct and have opened a bank account in Toronto, so when i get to Calgary, can i give my Airbnb address to the bank and tell them to generate a...
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    SINP EE January 4, 2017

    Hi Hosein Even i have the same situation.i Submitted my profile on 12-Oct and my funds weren't 3 months old. They asked for ADR(Fund Details) on 30th November which i submitted on 1st December(My Funds became 3 months old only on 15th Dec-2016 though). My Application was WOA until Dec 29th ...
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    EE sinp 12th October connect here

    Got ADR on Nov 30th , sent them the docs on 1st Dec. Status still shows "Waiting on Applicant".. Any idea how long will it take for status to change in Oasis?