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    talk to them here,,12614,00.html
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    visa rejected due to insufficient funds need help

    24k ?? CAD and how much money you need total fees all years for college
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    University of Windsor 2016 , fall applicants Masters

    in PR you need to get it from all countries o_O if you need in study too then get it from there consulate in your country
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    Student visa

    other too many things also matter like most important IELTS and money also program relevancy.
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    Submitting application while on Holiday in Canada...?

    i think you should wait and return to uk then apply it will make your case strong on home ties.
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    Are international students allowed to apply for post grade work permit once only?

    no you can apply for workpemit only once after study in lifetime.
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    Can I Travel to The USA with my Canadian student Visa ?

    you can stay 90 days max in single visit or 90 days in last 180 days. you have 10 year visa in which you can visit as many time you want in next 10 years.
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    want to study in canada

    nope you need at least 5.5 in all modules and try to score 6 in each and 12th marks they matter but it depends mostly on college and stream you want to choose, try to do your research yourself, find college and other stuff.
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    Seneca - for September (Fall) 2018

    :eek: applied first week of march still no response in computer status application received:confused:
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    Post graduate work permit

    yes you can change college but must check DLI number of college and update it in your account
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    there is no loss in writing good one, even you file is great.
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    Doubt about visa application

    these notes will help you give insight knowledge of what went wrong in you case GSCM caips notes can be order by Canadian citizen, a permanent resident of Canada or an individual or corporation currently in Canada. read both pages...
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    will i get a study permit?

    even your brother will weaken your file on home ties, its complicated. if your brother paid fees then attach fee receipt and do not mention that your brother paid it, rest show your statement for your education. also, if you can take loan for education it will help on financial point. this...
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    Will it be possible to get the visa for third Master

    :eek: are you collecting master, oh collector ?? joke aside, most of it depends on relevance, money, previous education level/relevancy and 50% LUCK (don't ask why).
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    Doubt about visa application

    apply caips notes
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    you will not receive any work permit due to private college. you can check your self here.
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    pre qualification gap!!

    why you are using bold and large font ?? and no body can tell you what will happen to you, they reject perfect files and give visas to 20+ backlogs
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    Returning to Canada

    but you must renew you passport as soon as you can in canada. find your country consulate embassy do it there
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    first type your thread like humans, then provide info about both college, then maybe some generous member may help you.