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  1. thecalmestsea

    Post AOR request for proof of travel history

    Just received a request for Proof of Travel History.. My AOR was in April and last week I had to travel for a business trip. Do I include this business trip in the IMM5562E form? Also, do I have to include the scanned pages of my passport? Thank you! :)
  2. thecalmestsea

    Sponsoring parents requirements help

    Some questions: 1. Submitting interest to sponsor parent was open from January 3 and February 2 Does this mean applying (to show interest) will be from Jan - Feb every year? 2a. Is my math for annual income required to meet financial eligibility correct? A + B = C (a) Income required per...
  3. thecalmestsea

    Qn about ECA results; confused about study period

    My ECA seems to combine my Diploma and Higher Diploma as 1 certification as it mentioned the Higher Diploma being a 1.5 year programme (alone, the Higher Diploma is only 1 year). Time of study as follows: Apr 2009 to Sep 2009 - Diploma Sep 2009 to Sep 2010 - Higher Diploma Sooo, in my EE...
  4. thecalmestsea

    Question regarding proof of funds documents

    Hi there! I'm a bit confused as to how complete your proof of funds documentation should be. I've read that, for proof of funds, you simply need to show 6 months worth of statements of the account with the funds. But the CIC page seems to imply you need to show everything. I have 3 deposits...
  5. thecalmestsea

    IQAS ECA - Is academic request form optional?

    When the institution sends the academic records, is their inclusion of the academic record request form optional or required? It would be so much faster if I don't have to write to my university to include the form because I studied abroad and they are so sloooow with emails. :( Thank yous.
  6. thecalmestsea

    So many questions about EE (mainly about employment)

    Some background.. I'm looking to apply in 2018 - I'll be 27. I currently have 441 points: Bachelor's degree, at least 3 yr foreign work exp, decent lang score. Besides a job offer, there's no way for me to hit 450. My edu/work background is in communications (corporate comms/editorial/PR)...