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    ***EXPIRED COPR + Medical due to COVID Situation***

    I am Canadian PR holder and had applied for spousal sponsorship for my wife and it was approved. COVID happened and came all the restrictions and cancellations with it. Her flight was booked for 16th May 2020 which got cancelled by the airlines. COPR and Medical expired on 11th June 2020...
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    Landing Interview Completed - 02 November 2018 - Hamilton, Ontario

    Stream: CEC Nationality: India Country of Residence: Canada AOR: 19 May 2018 Medical Passed: 30 May 2018 IP2: 30 May 2018 (No updates after this stage) PPR: 3 October 2018 (10:31 PM EST) - No updates/changes on my online account and I know this is normal. Passport Sent: 5 Oct 2018 (To Ottawa)...