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  1. fab

    COPR for Ceremony

    hi guys, Do you need the original of COPR or a photocopy for the Ceremony? I found a COPR but without any color, it looks like a photocopy. I don’t remeber if it’s the one CIC gave me at arrival or I made a photocopy later on? thanks for your help!
  2. fab

    Medical results have been received.

    anybody has this change in ecas today? Medical results have been received. it's been 2 months and a half since S/A and just got Medical results have been received.. anybody else ?
  3. fab

    American tourist visa for unemployed wife

    Hi Guys, I know it's not a US forum but I am sure some of you guys maybe have experience with that. Let me explain the story, I am Canadian currently sponsoring my Colombian wife, we both live in Colombia. Last year we applied to get her US tourist visa, and we wrote in the applciation that I...
  4. fab

    Quebec applicants 2015

    Hi, I have been approved by CIC yesterday, I also sent my Papers to Quebec Yesterday. Everybody that sends his papers to Quebec in 2015 could join this thread so we can keep track. How long is it taking theese days to get the CSQ? Also is Quebec sending the CSQ directly to the Embassy? Thanks!!
  5. fab

    Spousal Sponsorship Bogota Colombia 2015 ?anybody

    Hi, I would like to create a thread about Bogota Spousal Sponsorship ? anybody ? we can use this spread sheet if you guys want
  6. fab

    Contact member of parliament from outside Canada

    Hi, I have tried contacting my member of Parliament to check status on my app but they tell me I need to show up at their office to confirm my identity! I told them I could call, send proof of my identity, sign forms and send them back, they tell me no !! I mean they are not helping at ALL...
  7. fab

    When mississauga asks you for a form again how long afterwars to get SA

    Hi, I am trying to find as much info as possible, since I have gotten different answers from CIC call center. I sent my app in october and on november 25th I got an e-mail asking me for a form again, and they kept my whole app. still don't know why they asked me for the form since it was the...
  8. fab

    ''landing by car?''

    Hi everybody, maybe a silly question but I need that info to figure out something for my wife. I just submitted my app but I hope it's fast! When I fly from Colombia to Canada I normally fly into the US and drive to the Canadian border that is just an hour away from my place. And I save about...
  9. fab

    is it really suite 300 ? where we need to send the app

    Hi, I sent from Colombia and it's with UPS, now on UPS website it's telling me: The apartment number is either missing or incorrect. This may delay delivery. We're attempting to update the address. and it's exactly the same address on CIC website. anybody knows if its the right suite number?
  10. fab

    Case Processing Centre to send spousal app from abroad

    hi, I am about to send everything in today or tomorrow. I am sending it from overseas, what address should it send it to : Spouses, common-law or conjugal partner and dependent children: CPC Mississauga P.O. Box 3000, Station A Mississauga, ON L5A 4N6 OR Courier address (no public...
  11. fab

    Wedding certificate name

    Hi, I just got my wedding certificate and theres a little difference in my name my name in my passport for ex is: homer j simpson. But in my birth certificate there an other first name On my wedding certificate is the following: Simpson, homer other first name J. So the J that is part of my...
  12. fab

    Validate Form

    Hi, I was printing everything and validating the documents but on one of the I was trying to validate it and it wasn't working, so I tried filling the form in English instead of in French. And in English it worked, so it seems there's something wrong with the french form My whole application...
  13. fab

    Quebec applicants

    Hi everybody. do they consider me a Quebec resident, I a am born in Quebec, currently living outside the country, and we are planning to live in Quebec? On the lists of docuemnts a few things are not asked for Quebec residents. But on IMM5540 Q11 It says to provide proof of return to Canada...
  14. fab

    Getting all the documents/proofs/medical examen before getting married

    Hi, I am sponsoring my girlfriend, almost wife as will get married in 3 weeks. I have started to fill all the forms almost done on that side, Now I am getting letters from family to write they they are aware of our relationship. Does it matter if the dates says 2-3 weeks before the actual...
  15. fab

    Are you a canadian citizen living exclusively outside canada ? do you reside ...

    Hi, I am still confused in a few questions. I am sponsoring my wife, I am a Canadian citizen, currently living in Colombia with my wife.I have a 3 years temporary visa since she sponsored me, but it's not a resident visa. I still have everything in Canada, drivers licence, pay taxes, I even...
  16. fab

    please delete

    please delete
  17. fab

    did your sponsor have to travel to your country for the marriage?

    Hi, Not sure what to answer of the form IMM5490 as I was one year with year, 2 months in canada and now back with here in her country and will get married in a month. So I travel to her country but not only for the marriage. thanks!
  18. fab

    Ceremony and Reception at same place?

    Hi, We are planning on getting married next month, We want to do something very small and intimate, we have chosen a ocean front hotel. We would like to do both the ceremony and the reception at the same place, in the same setting? is that allright ? or it's better to go to the court house...
  19. fab

    Information on Family

    I am sponsoring my wife. And need some advice on her family. Her parents are still married but they do not live together and her father has children with an other woman. So Isn't it weird that I put Marital status: married but both different address and where it asks for step brothers/step...
  20. fab

    Forms in French or English

    Hi guys, I am currently filling out the forms to sponsor my wife to Quebec. I wanted to know if you think it would take the processing same time if I fill out the forms in French?Since there must be less people that speak French to check the forms? or you think it would be the same? Since...