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    Anyone with a small company before moving?

    I landed three months ago in Canada and I am still looking for answers to these questions if anyone was in the same case. - I have an online business registered in Europe. I don't do import/export or dropshipping - I'm aware I have to pay taxes on my personal income from it in Canada as well...
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    Manage foreign LLC from Canada

    I will be landing in Canada as PR in about two months. I have a company incorporated under the estonian e-residency program. What should I do when I land? How do I declare this? For the estonian company I pay taxes in estonia for the dividends but not for my salary part, which technically should...
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    Inform CIC of job change?

    I'd been waiting on my PPR. I had been working as a freelancer and a couple of weeks ago incorporated a company to make my freelance more organized. I just got PPR. It doesn't mention any job change in the things to inform CIC of but I guess it's a last minute freakout of whether I should inform...
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    NO GCMS Notes and account shows "updated"

    I applied for my GCMS notes in early December but for some reason cic are taking forever to release them. i logged into my account today and saw updated instead of submitted next to permanent residency application line. i checked but there have been no change. is it related to the gcms notes...
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    How to pay taxes for a company located in a different country

    I am in the process of considering registering a company in Estonia using e-residency while waiting for my canadian immigration to go through (which it may not) Let's say I do end up moving do I have to close my company down and then re-register it there? Or since there's a double taxation...
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    Registering business in Canada before moving

    I am currently halfway through my PR process (IP2) waiting for golden email or rejection. At the same time, I am working launching my own business (sale of digital products). This will be independent of my immigration so consider them to be two independent things In case my immigration doesn't...
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    How frequently do you contact cic?

    I sent an email about 2 weeks back to confirm my uploaded file was received as I hadn't seen movement in 2 weeks prior. I'm worried about contacting them again to ask where my file is. Is it too soon?
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    Longshot: Wes send to the VO?

    I was checking my WES account to answer a question on the forum and noticed the recipient of my WES file was "mmigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada(IRCC) Sydney, NS" Could it be that it's the VO that's handling my file? Or all are WES files sent to Sydney?
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    PPR during local work hours?

    Silly questions but any idea if PPRs are only sent during Ottawa cic local work hour? Just asking so it would make me stop checking my email 24/7
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    Understanding social settlement (communities)

    I have checked this forum several times to see how the social life is. I noticed a lot of people mention communities per origin country (Indian community, pakistani community etc...). Why is that? Doesn't that make integration in the multicultural society of Canada harder? Personally I'm not...
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    Emailing for VO?

    I've read in several threads that some of you emailed Ottawa (unsure) to get information on the file as in where it's processed? Can you let me know why that is done? What would represent an optimistic answer and what wouldn't? And if so what's the email address and format to send? I tried...
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    Cases of Misrepresentations

    Just wanted to share something. I was going through this forum to look up misrepresentation and 5 year ban stories (maybe I was trying to feel better about my application) Most of the issues fall into three broad types: (there are definitely others but these were the most common) - Omitting...
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    Post RPRF Request - Emailing CIC?

    I received and paid (same day) my RPRF request on September 7th. I have yet to contact CIC for anything. Would now be a good time to email them asking about what my VO is or should I wait? Anyone went from the below profile "backwards"? (i.e. additional documents requested after "we do not need...
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    Advice to those with low scores: Improve IELTS

    Just a piece of advice: I see a lot of people always under or near the cutoff score who keep waiting for the next draw to go down. My (humble) advice to you is to keep retaking the IELTS and work hard on improving your scores. This is a much better investment than hoping the cutoff score would...
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    When to order GCMS Notes?

    My AOR was on July 7th so about 5 weeks ago. My medicals were passed at the 3 weeks mark and I've been stuck in IP1 since. Is it too soon to order GCMS notes? At what stage would it be a good idea aka when do we start panicking?
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    Proof of funds - Last minute hesitation

    For the proof of funds, we are submitting our joint account's 6 months statement which as the enough amount. However we both have our own accounts as well, mine is basically empty with a linked credit card owing like 400$ and my husband's account is a current account as well that doesn't have...
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    PR+RPRF Payments failing

    Hi guys! I'm at my wits end. I've been trying to submit payment for both the PR and RPRF fees and even though the credit card has the money the transaction is being declined for some crazy reason. I wanted to try another card but the limit is lower so I've been trying to find where I can change...
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    To decline for lack of funds when ITA was received or not

    When I got ITA, we had about two thirds of the amount in our savings account. We are sort of comfortable so we've been able to increase the monthly amount added to our savings. Basically we'll have the needed amount early next month so about 1 and a half month after receiving ITA. Should we...
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    Landing a job before moving and other preparation questions

    We got ITA and are in the process of uploading the last papers so I don't care about getting a job offer for the extra points. 1. My main question is I know things may take a few months before settling but I'm trying to prepare in advance for life in case we move. How probable is it to get a...
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    Is there a format for the LOE? Does it have to be written by hand or printed, signed and scanned? Can I just convert a word document into PDF and upload without printing?