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    Owner-Operator policy

    I want to know if I does not have prior business experience , I am Associate in banking experience with MBA. Will ESDA approve me if I will visit Canada and buy any running business. (I already have a visit visa)
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    Owner operated LMIA group

    So any recent update on your case.i also met 2 lawyers and both have different views, one says without business experience u are eligible, other says not. ESDC have strict rules to approve
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    Help Needed! Start up Visa - Work Permit Application Refused.

    June 3rd you have posted this on the forum, I am also from Pakistan and just about to start my startup , letter of support, would be grateful if you let me know, from which organization you get the letter of support? which consultant or Lawyer you have applied through, also do you get the PR now?
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    Comparative Education Assessment (CES)

    Dear zeeshan need to know how your process , have you sent only masters degree ? or b com as well ? how much did u pay to CES 210$
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    Comparative Education Assessment (CES)

    i am trying to do send my MBA 2 years only for CES , any experience person can please contact any other previous document need to be sent which is |Bcom or inter, as they are charging extra 210$ for each credentials and what possible equivalency i can get
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    IQAS for pakistani students - URGENT help needed :(

    Any one in the group who have recently done asaesment from IQAS. how much time they are taking for verification
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    IQAS for pakistani students - URGENT help needed :(

    I have done 2 years b com and 2 years mba from.kasbit . What will i get equivalency
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    IQAS Equivalency for 2 Years + 3.5 Years MBA- Pakistan

    Can u please help me send me your contact watsapp . Need to know the process how to apply i have done 2 years bcom and 2 years mba