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    SGVO = Singapore Visa Office SGVO is not really lazy. It is over-burdened with applications. If you check the above link, it will say: "Responsible for Permanent Resident Applications from: Bangladesh, Brunei, Cambodia...
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    question is about Quebec immigration

    I am assuming that you graduated from Montreal either from McGill or Concordia. According to the following link: When you send your CSQ application you have to submit the following (read point 3): * CSQ...
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    VFS status Change without Decision Made..................!!!

    They are slow in changing the status. They will change it eventually, but they are slow in doing that.
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    question is about Quebec immigration

    When you apply for CSQ, you will have to submit your French exam scores with the CSQ application form. For Quebec Immigration, French is a REQUIREMENT & that too in the 3rd level !!! Also, you will have to face a 1...
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    Please help

    Hurry up !!! Dont delay. You will NOT be able to land in Canada once the authorities are informed. If you have 1 day time, Buy a return ticket, land in Canada & come back to UK the same day. Please note you can study inside the plane. Your study hours will not be hampered, if you go to Canada...
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    Application Permanent Residency for Ontario with a Master's degree from Quebec

    Easier for you is "Canadian Experience Class": Guaranteed for you is "PEQ – Québec graduate" (but tough due to the increased level of French required)...
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    Yes, I received my PR card. There has been slight delay by 3 weeks due to the Ice Storm in Ontario. Now, it takes 61 days to receive a new PR card (it used to be 50 days before the Ice Storm):
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    IT Sector in Canada

    Employers will "prefer" to look for a Canadian/US/UK university degree + Work Experience. So, lets say you apply for an IT job & at the same time another person also applies to the same job who has Canadian/US/UK degree + Work Experience. The employer will most likely choose him. To be in a...
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    any job available in canada

    Are you in Canada ? Are you legally allowed to work in Canada ?
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    Applying for CSQ from inside Québec with priority processing

    Re: Applying for CSQ from inside Québec with priority processing Well the link below in the Quebec Immigration website states for "PEQ – Québec experience program" (those who have Quebec work experience)...
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    Step 1: Please send your wife & children (if any) to Toronto & let them keep their PR. Step 2: Make "your wife" & "yourself" both accessible to your invested funds. i.e. Instruct the bank to make the fund accessible to either "your wife" or "you". In this way, even if you get locked out &...
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    PR Card with OLD NAME + Passport with NEW NAME = US VISA or =LOts of HAssles ???

    In the meantime, apply for a NEW PR Card with the NEW name: When you apply for the NEW PR Card: Add a copy of your marriage certificate + Photocopy of old PR card Also, write a letter explaining your problem/situation.
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    want to know that how much time it takes..

    They will contact you, when the time arrives.
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    Migrate as FSW - deliver the child while PR is processing

    There is NO harm if your child is born outside of Canada & then you later add him/her in your Canadian Immigration application, by paying the additional CA$ 150 fees + Application form for the child & Medical for the child. But, for you child's career benefit, it would be better if he/she is...
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    IT Sector in Canada

    It would be better if you apply for a Masters program now & after landing as a Permanent Resident you start attending a Canadian University. When you will be doing your Masters you can easily earn from Teaching Assistant (TA) & on-campus jobs. After 1.5 years of completion of your Masters, it...
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    question is about Quebec immigration

    Forget Quebec Immigration & apply for Canadian Federal Immigration. All you need is your "Job offer letter", read the link below: You apply as for "Federal skilled workers" with "Arranged...
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    Quebec Immigration Hong Kong mentioned an interview date which was 3 months from the date of the Acknowledgement letter. At the end of the interview you will be notified accepted/rejected. In my case: May 2011 = I sent my application to Quebec Immigration Hong Kong office June 2011 = Received...
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    Closed file by mistake of Immigration Quebec

    Contact Quebec Immigration & ask them what to do. Ask them, whether they are going to open your closed file, or do you have to submit a new application. DO NOT "SOUND" ANGRY WHEN YOU CONTACT THEM. BEHAVING RUDELY WITH THEM WILL CAUSE MORE TROUBLE, EVEN THOUGH IT WAS THEIR FAULT.
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    Just land in Canada & in the next day visit the Medical office. They will take scan all your documents & take your photograph for the medical card to arrive 3 months after landing. They will give you a paper stating: ......... has applied for medical & will receive after completion of 90 days...
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    SINP Aspirants 2014 Lets CONNECT HERE

    Dear All, Can you receive Saskatchewan immigration without a job offer letter from a Saskatchewan employer ? Thanks in advance. -A. Khan