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    Quebec Skilled Worker Federal Stage (After CSQ)

    I don't have the official link to substantiate here but under peq program (students + workers) the numbers are between 1000-1200 a month. Then there are also CSQ issued under other programs.
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    Quebec Skilled Worker Federal Stage (After CSQ)

    As advised by a lawyer to my friend that the number of files without an AOR after mid July 2019 are 30 k+ and probably all of them would get an AOR by mid this year, then there's inventory of pre July 2019 which federal would try to dispose in next few months. He says finalization of 30k+ files...
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    cdi college, montreal

    Why not drop an email to CDI college itself?
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    CSQ Application for Temporary foreign workers

    You are eligible under the old rules for peq. -> Clearly stated in last paragraph shared by you. All the best.
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    When can I link my application?

    When you get an 'actual' AOR. When - Nobody knows.
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    Quebec Skilled Worker Federal Stage (After CSQ)

    I hope next is BOWP for all Quebec PR applicants also. IRCC, I assume can do this also.
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    Quebec Skilled Worker Federal Stage (After CSQ)

    Read it thoroughly, it hasn't got any exception clause anywhere. The only condition is - you held a pgwp which is expired after January 2020 or restoring status, within Canada and January 27, 2021 - July 27, 2021 is date of application, also pgwp expiring in 4 months of submission are eligible...
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    Quebec Skilled Worker Federal Stage (After CSQ)

    Hail MIFI and IRCC. July 2019 onwards still waiting on AOR.
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    Quebec Skilled Worker Federal Stage 2020-2021

    Agree. My assumption is minimum 36-42 months for January 2019 applications onwards. There maybe some cases here and there in-between just to revitalize hopes of those who crave for it.
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    Quebec Skilled Worker Federal Stage (After CSQ)

    Shouldn't be a problem. As a caution - Spread out your risk. The way Bitcoin/crypto have risen in past year, I speculate it as a bubble inflating and ready to explode. All the best
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    QSW Questions

    Okay. You seem to have no other choice. If you have vjo and minimum qualifying points, you will get csq.
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    Quebec Skilled Worker Federal Stage (After CSQ)

    Yes, I did. Blatant lies of Quebec administration in putting blame on IRCC. I know it has slowed down for other provinces but for Quebec it's a full stop since July 2019 and I see it as nothing but a nefarious quota choking exercise by current government. They are forgetting that by harassing...
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    QSW Questions

    Please stay away from Quebec. Current government here can't be trusted with immigration. Those in PR stage are suffering from their quota choking policy. No one from mid July 2019 has got even an Acknowledgement of Receipt for their application. Hordes of people are leaving for other provinces...
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    Need Information for recent changes of college suspension

    It's for all applications. As to results, no one except MIFI knows. An assumption doing rounds is that license to enroll new students maybe cancelled and certain programs/colleges maybe completely closed for international students. It all depends on a fair investigation by MIFI.
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    Flagpoling for A75 exemption?

    At border crossing only.
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    Quebec Skilled Worker Federal Stage (After CSQ)
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    Quebec Skilled Worker Federal Stage (After CSQ)

    Yep, but only 10 now. They are way more.
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    buying a property will help to get canadian PR?

    Thanks. OP may opt to be an international student there and then start a business to qualify if it suits them.