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    August AOR 2017

    Please provide WhatsApp link.
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    Require PCC clarity for submitting PR application

    Hi All, I'm in the process of submitting my PR application. Currently I'm single and the only one applying for PR. While providing family details I have mentioned my parents and two brothers. Also I have stayed in multiple cities and multiples addresses in the same city for entire duration in...
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    Ray of Hope - 70th Draw!

    CRS 433 is seriously a miracle and all of us made it happen by ROH. Thanks to all folks for immense help. I'm at 435 and eagerly waiting for the status update in the next 12 hours. All set and geared up to upload the payload.
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    Proof of Employment Letter - Separate letters or One Letter enough

    Im sorry I did not provide much details in my posting. The company has not responded to my request to provide Reference letter or in other words I will not be able to get writing on company letter head. My senior or peer have agreed to help me in this regard and hence I would need to have a...
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    Proof of Employment Letter - Separate letters or One Letter enough

    Hi All, To show Proof of Employment from one of the company where i worked I'm able to get a senior and a peer to vouch for me. These two people were from the same project. Should I get one notarised affidavit mentioning two references or two notarised affidavits1 for each reference, asking coz...
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    Employer [HR] refuses official job letter with addnl. detailed job duties

    I might be able to request one of my senior colleague to help me in this. May I request you to share a sample format, what details of colleague to include. In this case will CIC reach out to my colleague to provide his employment proof (like asking for payslips or some other thing) to validate...
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    Employer [HR] refuses official job letter with addnl. detailed job duties

    For one of my past job it is proving very difficult to get a reference letter in CIC format. Also people under whom I worked or knew that time have moved out from the company. Can I give an LOE, Payslips, Offer letter, Resignation Letter instead to justify the work ex rather than moving it to...
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    Why multiple police certificates required?

    In my case i have stayed in India my entire life but stayed in multiple cities(changed address in the same city multiple times recently and in past as well) but never travelled overseas. Do I also need PCC from all the cities and addresses?
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    Rejected PR Application

    Can you share what details were missing or incomplete.
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    Ray of Hope 66th Draw

    Pun intended in my post. Wasn't spawning a technical debate. But yes I know all our info is HBI, they gotta be careful.
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    Ray of Hope 66th Draw

    I hope during the 2 hour maintenance they add data center grade hardware so that we all see the light at the end of tunnel the moment draw comes. No waiting for 24-48 hours to get an ITA. :). On a side note what in the world are they doing with 2 hour downtime in this modern world where downtime...
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    Express Entry Step by step instructions.

    Do I need LMIA for NOC 2072 ?
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    Any issue with current address different from address mentioned in Passport ?

    My current residential address is different from the one mentioned on my passport. Also I got PCC done using current residential address. My passport has a Visa stamped, expiry date 6 yrs from now and the passport number is used in my EE profile. Should I update the address on my passport to...
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    Ray of Hope 66th Draw

    did a change to the summary section. the divide formulae was giving error changed it a bit, hope you don't mind..
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    Ray of Hope 66th Draw

    For now consider IRCC is a machine that just knows what score to filter. So my friend if you did get 0.5 do re-try IELTS asap before the next draw happens coz you know you can do better. I was in the same situation but improved my score by a re-try. Stay positive !!
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    Ray of Hope 66th Draw Not sure how to interpret this CIC News. But im gonna stay positive. Drink beer and let all your worries disappear!!