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    Self-Employed Application 2018

    Hey guys, Only just looking into this type of visa and I had 2 questions that I couldn't quite find the answer to: 1) Can some or all of that self employed / world class experience be Canadian experience? 2) Is it okay if it is (at least) 2 years in total or does it have to be 2 x one year of...
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    Paths to PNP with 9 months left on IEC visa

    Hey guys, I am currently in Canada on an IEC visa and I have about 9 months left. I am looking for some ideas on what would be the best province to move to to work that would lead to me being able to apply for PNP. It would have to be a job where ideally no experience is needed. Are there any...
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    Any Question on Express Entry---i will try to answer

    Hi! Does anyone know how to figure out if a private college in Canada operates under the same rules as public colleges?
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    private post-secondary

    Same question, how do we know which private schools operate under the same rules? I've been looking for the answer to this question for ages and can't find information anywhere. Did you get PR MatthewAT?
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    Does a private college diploma count for CRS points?

    Hi, I have been searching for a long time but can't find the answer to this anywhere. I got accepted into a private college (Tamwood Careers) for a 1 year diploma, but they are not PGWP eligible. Will I still get points for this diploma under Canadian Education and also extra points for having...
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    Undergraduate 8month diploma from Canadian Private college to get additional score in EE

    I have the exact same question, does anyone know the answer to this please as I'm supposed to pay my tuition but want to be sure first.
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    Application cancelled for only sending certified copy for translations

    Yeah I got confused by the 3 bullet points on that link and by what my lawyer said,so I replaced all my originals by certified copies. I have all the originals available, they could have just asked :( Anything I can do?
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    Application cancelled for only sending certified copy for translations

    Hi all, My application got rejected because I did not add the original document for my pcc from Belgium. Because it was in Dutch, I did as instructed in the following link: So I sent the certified copy, the translation (and...
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    PCC necessary?

    Hey guys! I live in Belgium and I had a job in The Netherlands for about a year. I would drive there from Belgium every day. For PCC, it says that I only need one if I stayed in a country for 6 or more months in a row. Do I need to get a PCC for The Netherlands?
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    Ray of hope 108th

    Oh wow 439! I was waiting with 438 all year but now 433 :(
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    TCF CANADA is now accepted...

    Does anyone know more about this? How to prepare for this exam or an example??
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    Ray of Hope - 107th Draw

    How come it's stuck at 445 now? This is crazy, 2018 has been horrible for PR :( Praying things will improve in 2019.
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    TEF Test Is Easy or Difficult ????

    Currently in Belgium. I'm mostly failing at speaking. Reading was okay for both exams but listening and writing a 6 instead of a 7 too. So lots of work still.
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    Ray of Hope - 103rd draw

    Are we expecting the score to finally go down a bit now that it's the end of the year or nah?
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    TEF Test Is Easy or Difficult ????

    I've taken the TEF exam twice now and still my results were not good enough so now looking to move to anywhere where they speak French for a while. Might just be my last hope ugh. Anyone know of any study French and work programs? Or some volunteering program?
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    QUEBEC "Expression of Interest - Déclaration d’intérêt" (ALL UPDATES & DISCUSSIONS)

    It's because in this 2nd step you need to fill out your actual degree and then in the 3rd step the school.
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    QUEBEC "Expression of Interest - Déclaration d’intérêt" (ALL UPDATES & DISCUSSIONS)

    Also for work experience, is it only the last 5 years that counts?? Most of my experience is just over 5 years ago :(
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    QUEBEC "Expression of Interest - Déclaration d’intérêt" (ALL UPDATES & DISCUSSIONS)

    This system is absolutely terrible. You have to try all kind of words in french and your own language and keep searching. Don't look for your exact diploma in the first step. Just look for something like bachelor. Then in the next step try to be more specific. Are we supposed to add our high...