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    Ielts 11th Jan 2020 updates and discussions join here.

    Hi all, Whats the topic for ielts writing tasks? Any response would help.
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    Approved Online Visitor Visa: Passport Return Times

    Hi all, I have sent my passport to NYC center on October 30 and it was received on October 31 for visitor visa. Received an email confirmation that my package was received and signed. The center is closed and not accepting new applications from November 1. I am yet to hear back from them on...
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    WES - ECA - Post Graduate Transcript

    We are getting WES number to validate ECA. ECA is valid for 5 years. please check the following link:
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    WES - ECA - Post Graduate Transcript

    Hi Karthic, I am in the same situation as yours. Did you find any solution for that? Please let me know. Thanks Sujatha Karthi