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    Received ITA two months before reaching 1 year of experience

    it counts the whole month. If you are waiting to complete a minimum entry requirement of 1 year you will need to consider declining the ITA / ITAs until you reach 1 year. Your profile will re-enter the pool as soon as you decline. Declining does not impact any subsequent application
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    PGWP Expiring in july

    no they are not willing apply for lmia
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    Bridging Work Permit

    I was told to wait until I have cleared 1st phase of confirmation like R10 or something.
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    Worried about NOC code mismatch

    what is not; social services (delivered by PSWs) are not medical. Therefore I think you have the wrong NOC.
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    Infant with Medical Condition

    your daughter's care will not fall under excessive demand. If she only need medication as treatment and no surgeries are going to be required in her future - then I would say that you stand a good chance of passing the medical and having no issues. If it's expected she may require surgery /...
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    Canadian work experience. Is it necessary to have continuous 1 year

    I left my first job before starting my current job and I was not paid in those months
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    Need Information to proceed my brother's application

    As the visa was taken before wedding, will that not lead to any conflict of his application processing
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    CEC Proof of Funds requirement

    I would advise you to sign and scan it.
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    Is work experience gained on OCWP valid under CEC after graduation?

    You worked legitimately, so there's no real need to explain it. You can if you like, but you don't have to.
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    Canadian work experience. Is it necessary to have continuous 1 year

    Just to be sure - you have to make sure you didn't have any unpaid leave or something like that in those 6+6 months. If you're not certain, work a couple more months to cover any missing days and then apply.
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    what happens after submission

    the medical passed/fail is reviewed then criminality then security. if you friends got it in 2 to 3 months does not necessary mean you will get in the same time too since every file is different. your traveling will not affect your application. even if you are in India, you will get your PPR in...
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    Need Information to proceed my brother's application

    Nobody can say how this will affect his application timeline.
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    CEC Proof of Funds requirement

    Isn't it simple and less risk to just include your current Employment reference letter, last 3 bank statements, credit card statements and a letter from Bank?
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    Landing Appointment in Ottawa: waiting time question

    I have seen they are taking longer nowadays to reply. people have been waiting for months to get a reply .
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    PR Document for Canadian College

    Yeah, then Personal History.