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    Need advice on choosing the right University for MBA

    I have to agree with the previous posters who recommended applying for the brand name MBAs. Although the good universities have a much higher "sticker price", a degree from one of them opens many more doors. Furthermore, don't concentrate only on the tuition costs that you find listed on the...
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    Concordia university JAN 2015

    Why are you all applying for January? Although from an administrative standpoint, it doesn't make any difference, if you really want the full university experience you should apply to start in September. I studied at Concordia and also started in January and later realised that you miss out on...
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    Toronto- no jobs, no pr for international students

    Sure there are many small towns that only have frictional unemployment where it is very easy to find a job, however, you couldn't pay me enough to move to most of them. Furthermore, how many students dream of dead-end jobs in the middle of nowhere? What happens when the economy cools down and...
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    can somebody asses my writing task 2 and give band score

    "you can score good" !?!?!?!?! :o Could you please provide the name of your institute so I can know who not to recommend?
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    Want to study M.Ed. in Canada - Please reply

    You don't necessarily need an MEd to teach in Canada. For example, in Ontario you need an undergraduate degree and then Teacher's College (usually approx. 1 year). You should first decide in which province you want to teach after graduation, because it is generally easier to apply for your...
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    Toronto- no jobs, no pr for international students

    The problem is not Toronto, the problem is that you took the path of least resistance. I am amazed at how many prospective students on this forum keep asking how they can obtain a spot at the cheapest colleges where they do not need high English language proficiency, while not considering the...
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    Experts please help. can i jestify this GCSM Ciaps Note?

    Sorry, but I have to agree with the VO and think that your application is not very credible; I also cannot understand how you managed to study in the UK for over a year and still have such poor language skills after you finished. If you were really committed to improving your English...