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    No Surname on Passport. Is it a problem in getting PR

    Than Thank you for replying Did you add surname in your passport and PR or do you have two names in given name My name has only Given name as Madeeha in my passport and PR . Is that a problem I soft landed in October 2018 . Although my bank account is created they rejected my credit card request
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    No Surname on Passport. Is it a problem in getting PR

    Hello Jakev , Have you moved to Canada already
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    To all new PR holders with no Last Name, Advice required!

    Hi Please Provide the steps to add surname after receiving the PR
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    No Surname on Passport. Is it a problem in getting PR

    I didn't face issue in getting the PR . I have only first name and I got the PR . But now I came to know that its a problem in CANADA without surname for driving license , bank account etc . I need add surname for things to go smoothly.
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    Surname addition

    Hello, I am in the same situation. Would you please let me know if you have got any update or did you do anything about it
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    PR holder and No surname

    Hi , I got my PR (dependent) and we have done the soft landing .We are planning to move to Canada this year. My problem is that i dont have a surname .In my passport and PR card my name is "MADEEHA". I came to know that this will create problems in Canada for driving license , bank accounts...
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    Profile not eligible after declining ITA

    When you created a new profile , did it ask for " have you applied for express entry before " ? what did you answer ? Do we need put the previous express entry number ? or say no because we just got ITA and did not apply for PR
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    Proof of fund and home loan query

    Hi, My query is regarding fund balance and outstanding home loan, For eg if i have a balance of amount $12,300( which is the required amount ) and a home loan of $16,000 . I have maintained the balance of $12,300 from past 1 year and loan amount of $300 is being deducted every month from my...
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    NOC code change

    can NOC code be changed in profile after receiving invitation
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    Dubai PCC queries

    1 Currently residing in India
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    Dubai PCC queries

    1 . How much time will it take to get Dubai PCC 2. What is the validity of PCC 3. Can we request for PCC again from Dubai if it expires or do they issue only once.
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    Not able to get reference letter from a company .

    I have worked for 4 companies Not able to get reference letter from a company . Consultancy says that email from company stating that they dont provide reference letter will work . Is that true.