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    please add me whatsapp, cellphone: +60168914558
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    BC PNP 2016 applicants join here!!!!

    Hi, anyone can have an opinion?
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    BC PNP 2016 applicants join here!!!!

    hi, My BC PNP got declined on 2June , reason being my supporting employer not fulfilling the recruitment requirement. I was given a chance to do Review Request which is due on 31July with application fee of C$200. Should I go for it? or Apply new BC PNP? What should I do? What is the success...
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    BC PNP 2016 applicants join here!!!!

    My application status is "in process" since march 2017, my case review officer is [Jiyobu, Greg J JTST:EX]. Also no news after last document submission on 27March2017. Thank you.
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    Hi, I had received an ITA from BC PNP for draw on 3Feb2017, What should I do next? Under EEBC Stream I do not have any valid job offer from any BC Employer, how to get Job Offer? Thanks,