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    Drivers Licence with Indian DL Experience

    Thanks, got the document with the seal. The extract issue date was Mar 2019, I will be arriving in Canada in Feb 2020. Would you know how long is the validity of the document from the extract date, incase if I get delayed beyond March 2021 (2 years beyond the extract date). Not able to attach...
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    Opening Bank Account before landing

    3.50$ per 1,200 is slightly expensive. Did you put your entire amount into the forex card? I will be moving permanently to Canada in a few months, already have a bank account in RBC, but not sure about the bank to bank transfer from Indian bank to a Canadian bank
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    Money Transfer while landing for good in Canada

    Hi, I made my soft landing last year and have opened a bank account in RBC. I am now moving to Canada for good in March 2020, how do I transfer the money to Canada? Is it advisable to take it through Forex Card (HDFC) or do I make a wire transfer to RBC from my HDFC account? How have you...
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    Drivers Licence with Indian DL Experience

    This extract was given in the RTO office, there is a printed signature, but the rubber stamp seal isn't there. I am going to go there again and request them for the seal.
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    Drivers Licence with Indian DL Experience

    Thanks for the reply. I noticed now that there is no 'Seal' in the DL extract. It was an online copy. I am not sure if they would accept it without a seal as I read somewhere in quora that they did not accept DL extract without a seal.
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    Drivers Licence with Indian DL Experience

    I have a Drivers Licence Extract from the Regional Transport Officer which includes my driving history etc. on a the RTO letter head. Am I required to get this attested from the Ministry of External Affairs to directly attempt the G licence in Canada?
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    Help for getting letter of drivers's license athentication from INDIA

    I have this letter from the Bangalore RTO on their letter head, but should this be attested by Ministry of External Affairs or would this letter without the attestation suffice?
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    Indian Driving Licence validity in Canada for new PR

    I am a new PR of Canada doing a soft landing in Toronto for 10 days. I have an Indian driving licence from 10 years. 1) Do I have to apply for an International Driving licence in India for the 60 days that I can drive in Canada or can I just show my Indian driving licence as it is? 2) If...
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    To all new PR holders with no Last Name, Advice required!

    My wife for some strange reason does not have her last name on the passport. We were a worried lot, but nothing untoward happened. Processed the PR with just the first name and wherever last name was required especially for online submissions, we put the first name as the last name. Ex, FN...
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    Dubai PCC - On Visit Visa

    I am not able to get it in writing from the UAE authorities, the camel's don't seem to understand at all, no matter how clearly I explain it to them. Sigh...
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    Dubai PCC - On Visit Visa

    Dear Kestrel, Thank you for your timely reply. I wish you all the best and will wait should you get any more updates on this. Take care
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    Dubai PCC - On Visit Visa

    Hi Kestrel, I got a reply from CIC asking me for the PCC with UAE authorities with 60 days time. Whom did you email at Dubai, because I am not getting any reply from anyone there. Please provide me the email address. Also, what happened to your case once you submitted the reply. Looking forward...
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    Dubai PCC - On Visit Visa

    Thanks Kestrel, I have emailed the UAE embassy in Delhi and spoke to them. They told me that they cannot give anything in writing. Even the PCC department of Abu Dhabi gave me the same reply. I am sending the email that I sent to them, that's the most that I can do. I hope the CIC guys are aware...
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    Dubai PCC - On Visit Visa

    I was on visit visa to the UAE, 90 days in 2015 and 175 days in 2016. I got the doc's attested from ministry of external affairs but the UAE PCC department refused to provide the PCC for visit visa. I am going to mention this in the LOE, do not have any other option. How did you go about it?
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    Reference Letter Query after ITA

    Thanks for your reply krish. I am going to include the emails where the company has mentioned that they do not provide experience letter on company letter head. Will not refuse the ITA, my score is just 446, do not want to take a chance.
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    Reference Letter Query after ITA

    I submitted my EOI with the details of two companies and received the ITA. Company 1 (Primary) - Total experience of 4.5 years - Have all the documents on company letter head as per the NOC. Company 2 - Total experience 1.4 years - Could not obtain the reference letter nor the notary with a...
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    CMA (USA) equivalence

    I do not think CMA (USA) will give you additional points. MBA which is a 2 year full time course should give you additional points as it is considered a Master's degree, how ever I am highly sceptical about CMA USA being considered as a Master's degree.
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    proof of funds question: home ( but on loan)

    In the above case, do we have to maintain a cash balance over and above the 70 lac loan. For instance the CAD for two applicant is around is 16,170 i.e 8,50,000. Does the primary applicant need to maintain 70 lac + 8.5 lac i.e 78.5 lacs in liquid cash in INR? I have a home loan pending of...
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    PR assesment post ITA

    I graduated with an MBA in 2005. My work experience under NOC 1111 is as follows: Aug 2010 to Feb 2015 = 4.6 years NOC 1111 Apr 2009 to Aug 2010 = 1.4, years NOC 1111 For this 5.10 years I have all the documents in order. However, my third work under NOC 1111 is from Feb 2007 to Feb 2009 NOC...
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    Nail the Challenge of Getting Reference Letter from Current Employer!!

    If I take a notarized copy from a colleague for job duties, should his joining date and exit date be mentioned in the letter. My colleague has left the organization and joined another one. Also, he joined a month after me and left the company much after me.