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    Urgent Processing - Citizenship Application (Lets meet here )

    It is received well before test. Lots of RCMP accredited Finger print agencies are there. They do digital finger prints and send it to RCMP and once RCMP done the background checking, they will send the report directly to IRCC.
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    Can someone apply Citizenship after completing eligibility and leaving temporarily for abroad?

    To be on the safer side, have some additional buffer days (say one week or more) to cover any days missed out while calculating physical presence. So she has to send the application before leaving. Make sure all the necessary documents are attached, all the data are precise. You should not...
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    if virtual test is not conducted, the whole process just piles up

    Hi Buddy, You should have escalated this issue, once it crossed the time frame of 12 months and should have got the whole Citizenship process done well before the COVID hold up started.
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    Proof of English Language efficiency for Canadian citizenship application

    You should get one official letter from your University, mentioning that your course was taught in English and then you can attach that with your Citizenship application.
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    Hardest parts of the Canadian citizenship test

    If you do ten times - all mock tests in the Richmond Library (145+ Questions I think) and from Apna Toronto (10 Topics about 400 Questions) You will memorize everything. Even someone wake you up in the midnight and ask any question, you will answer correctly. My Question now is : It seems no...
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    April 2020 - Citizenship Applicants

    You have to show each & every address you lived, it is always better.
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    Addressing Oath Ceremony Backlog

    Corona scare, no one expected to be this serious. Even backlog applications in Mississauga were quickly processed in Feb. Unfortunately Corona put everything on the back foot again for few months. It is really good they stopped it. Prevention is better than cure. Crowded ceremonies at the...
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    Implied Status For Citizenship Application

    Everyone who came on Student/Work Permit and then converted to PR later, will have few months of implied status. It is the just waiting period for the new work permit. As long as you regularize your status with new work permit, it is fine. Actually the new work permit starts from the date...
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    Practice tests for citizenship test

    Try apnatoronto site, Richmond Public Library Citizenship Test 147 Questions
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    early request for an oath ceremony

    Hi Sorry to hear that. You travel and go back home. It is more important. Oath Ceremony takes 2-3 weeks to 2-3 months. Some people got it on the next day also. it depends. It may not happen immediately.
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    Full Name difference

    No buddy. It is simple. Just add an explanation letter about the mistake, to your Indian passport application. That is it. They will change the correction and send new passport within 2-3 weeks.
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    Full Name difference

    Hi, Mine is also the same case. Last year I got my new Indian passport from Toronto and I applied in May 2019 for Citizenship and I am having my Citizenship test on 19/03/2020. Yesterday I sent a new PR card application for name correction in PR Card & CIC records, for urgent processing. I am...
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    July 2019 - Citizenship Applicants

    Dear Admin team, aditvasu-w (my wife) will not be attending the test on 13/03/2020 as she is travelling. Mississauga applicant. (Mississauga Test Center) She requested them the reschedule for April or later date. Please update the same in July 2019 worksheet. Thanks & best regards, aditvasu
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    May 2019 Citizenship Application

    Congrats buddy. All the very best. We are in the final stretch now. :)
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    May 2019 Citizenship Application

    Buddy, It depends upon where he is residing (the no of files from that Town/City) Mississauga office is having lots of back log. 2-3 months. So it affects the whole process. If all done within that 12 months time frame, then it is fine. I am a May 2019 applicant. So probably I will get my...
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    May 2019 Citizenship Application

    OMG. Already overcrowded it seems and one of the slowest. Still within 12 months time frame? Or crossed 12 months.?? I think the ceremonies are held less frequently over there when compared to other centres.
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    May 2019 Citizenship Application

    Dear Folks, I will be having my Citizenship test in Scarborough center on 19th March 2020. I am a Mississauga applicant. I am just wondering why I am being sent there????!!! I am seeing lots of stories in this forum about huge delay after passing the test and Oath invite (especially from...
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    May 2019 Citizenship Application

    Sure buddy.
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    May 2019 Citizenship Application

    Hi My timeline (full) as follows: Applied : 16th May 2019 App.recd: 21st May 2019 AOR: Aug 09 2019 In Process : Sept 19/2019 FP request :22Oct 2019/Submitted 24/10/2019 Test Invite email: 24/02/2020 Test Date: 19/03/2020 ( Scarborough Center) Thanks Aditvasu
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    May 2019 Citizenship Application

    Dear Admin team, I am a Mississauga, May 2019 applicant. My time line : 24/02/2020 - Citizenship Test Invite Test Date : 19/03/2020 (Scarborough Center) Please update the same. aditvasu