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  1. prpurohit

    Oct travel with my pet beagle

    Hi Juhi, Did you end up travelling or got stuck behind due to Covid? I was to travel in April with my dog too, but my flight got cancelled.
  2. prpurohit

    Proof of funds: how many banks?

    Just a letter from 1 bank where you hold all the required pof.
  3. prpurohit

    Education evaluation

    No, getting them both evaluated won't get you more points. Highest points are given for holding one master's.
  4. prpurohit

    Express entry, adding spouse to the profile

    You will have to raise a CSE.
  5. prpurohit

    Getting reference letters from TCS

    - Reference letter in CIC format signed by a colleague (include colleagues visiting card) - payslips - appointment letter - appraisal letter (if any) - tax papers You will have to provide all these documents.
  6. prpurohit

    Getting reference letters from TCS

    If you're an existing employee then it's not possible to get it. If you're a past employee then apply for it on the alumni portal.
  7. prpurohit

    Proof of funds, and when to start the process?

    If you can explain the source and provide proof for the cash you deposited then you can begin immediately. If not...then wait six months
  8. prpurohit

    Wes eca assessment

    The name of the programme itself says postgraduate "diploma" in management, so I don't think it will be evaluated as master's. It's rare for a degree to be evaluated higher than what it is. Although, you should send it in for evaluation anyway, as you will be able to claim points for two or...
  9. prpurohit

    Checking in after the first year in Canada!

    Hi, this is a great thread. Could you share a little more about your job search phase. Any mistakes you made initially that can be avoided by new immigrants? In retrospect, what are the things you did that got you the job in your field?
  10. prpurohit

    Proof of Name Change Document for Express entry

    1. Marriage certificate with LOE is enough.
  11. prpurohit

    1 year continous work but Profile is ineligible?

    You don't seem to meet FSW eligibility. Check if you're eligible here Eligibility is determined on the basis of 6 selection factors. You need to get atleast 67 out if 100 to be...
  12. prpurohit

    Work Experience: How many years is good?

    There's no benefit of showing 9.5 yrs of experience. 4.5 yrs is good enough. Post ITA, you will have to fill a personal history section with past 10 yrs of activities. Thats where you can mention your previous experience.
  13. prpurohit

    [emergency] Express Entry Proof of funds

    You can't spend the proof of funds money. It has to remain in your account till your land. There have been cases where ppl have spent money after submitting the application, and they have got rejected due to insufficient funds. Don't touch the pof amount. Arrange for money for your expenses...
  14. prpurohit

    Proof of funds bank letted

    See, it's already reflecting in your bank statement that some amount is going towards loan repayment. That is enough....there no need of this letter.
  15. prpurohit

    Proof of funds bank letted

    This letter is not necessary. You don't need to attach a separate letter for credit cards and loans. I din't attach any such separate letter. Similar to you, I also had instalments going towards these things. The only thing ircc wants to know is that you have the required pof in your account...
  16. prpurohit

    Supporting documents

    Sure, it can be a supporting document.
  17. prpurohit

    Proof of funds bank letted

    Not sure why it has an expiry date. Never heard of this. Is this the letter that states average six months balance?
  18. prpurohit

    Supporting documents

    I wouldn't recommend to use this. Appointment letter, payslips, appraisal letter, tax papers, reference letter signed by a colleague are better options.