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    JULY 2020 *Outland* Spousal Sponsorship

    Did you get confirmation from UPS that it was delivered? As per the other poster, yes that is app received date. How did you submit the other docs you mention, mail, email, web form? Those docs might or might not catch up with your app since your file hasn't started being processed yet. I...
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    Nobody on here can give you an accurate time frame with covid.
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    Hopefully you do get DM soon but it won't be based on what she said since she can't see anything that you can't see. Don't get your hopes up too high or you will be disappointed if it doesn't happen soon.
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    MARCH 2020 *Outland* Spousal Sponsorship

    Electronically via web form. You can pay the fee now too and send the receipt. Every time they have to request you to do something it delays your file while they are waiting for you to respond.
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    Financial support letter

    As in, do you have a job when you return, will you use savings or proceeds from property or investments.
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    Spousal sponsorship

    With covid I don't think anything is wrong, still lots of people ahead of you that haven't got AOR yet.
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    Do I need to submit checklist documents twice?

    Yes, that should all be good. She didn't get a hard copy of last years NOA from CRA, they usually send one if not signed up on-line I believe. Back when I signed up with CRA waiting for the code was annoying as I needed something right away too.
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    Do I need to submit checklist documents twice?

    I think you answered your own question. Since you have applied for the visitor visa you have implied status after your current work permit expires on the 6th, therefore you do not need to file your app before that. Does your wife have a CRA account? If so she can download/print the NOA directly...
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    Best way to get canada virtual number

    There are many companies that offer them, google just what you posted here.
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    Do I need to submit checklist documents twice?

    The apps are separate handled by 2 different departments, so yes, checklists and docs for each one. No, you don't need a job offer, you are applying for an OWP meaning you could work anywhere.
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    Need Help to stop my mind...

    You have done all you can do right now, did you enclose a letter explaining your mistake? You can do what you are mentioning but apart from being able to apply for the OWP you won't be any further ahead. Your new app would start from the beginning again. If they don't accept your new form and...
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    June 2020 **Outland** Spousal Sponsorship

    The 6 months before AOR means nothing, it was just sitting in the pile waiting to be reviewed. So you are only 3 weeks into the processing, I don't think unusual not to have heard anything yet but I think you should soon. Nothing to worry about right now.
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    CPC Mississauga Updates?

    Your case was fast to get PPR, others have waited a few weeks.
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    COPR via email, want to go home for holidays, can I apply for travel document.

    I don't think you will get a PRTD within a couple weeks of applying for it even in normal times. Add in covid and over the holiday season............................
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    JULY 2020 *Outland* Spousal Sponsorship

    You should try to find a way to relax, you have a long way to go yet. Many people who submitted prior to you still haven't heard anything yet either, during covid this seems to be normal. You can try to get a temp file number by calling IRCC but they won't see anything in their file until it...
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    MARCH 2020 *Outland* Spousal Sponsorship

    Everything you mention comes BEFORE PPR, they don't do PPR until the whole process is complete.
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    What are the ways to sponsor the spouse who is outside of Canada?

    1. Only if your spouse is in Canada and you apply Inland. 2.Yes, but they are 2 different applications.
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    From what I have seen on here nobody has had their app put back into the system where it origionally was. They do mention a few times in the guides that it will be returned for missing signatures.
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    Since it was returned to you because it was incomplete your app goes back to the bottom of the pile when you re-submit it.
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    February 2020 Spousal sponsorship Outland

    Unless the PA is now in Canada.