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    Mother-in-law visiting

    It sounds like this is just a family/holiday visit by a Visa exempt / ETA eligible visitor for a short family holiday (I assume less than 6 months). In which case, the only thing you need to consider is whether foreign nationals are allowed to enter Canada at this time. At present, foreign...
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    Any 1 got wrong update from IRCC like in refusal they mention wrong nationality and saying parents r sponsoring studies though parents are dead...

    @Omsairam2020 You are wrong. Mistakes happen, and I expect they are few and far between - the onus is for the applicant to prove that they meet the requirements, not the other way around. @kumarauh - You should contact IRCC and inform them there has been in a mistake, and provide them with...
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    Can an international travel within Canada (domestically) with a study permit or do we need to apply for a temporary resident visa.

    Not required - You are free to travel within Canada on your Student Visa.
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    Ray of Hope - 160th Draw - PNP

    I initially thought that too, but; 463 / 13 Days = 35.6 Per day is the average So 4x the average day is super interesting don’t you think?
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    Ray of Hope - 160th Draw - PNP

    Question - PNP Candidate’s are given 600 points, so they enter the pool with 600 or more points. As of 18 Aug, there were 462 candidates between 601-1200. next to qualify for this round, a candidate would’ve had to have 771 or above. 600 Candidates were invited in this round, where are the...
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    Any paid or unpaid IELTS general practice tests (Computer based)

    Used these sites, they were a massive help Free Tests Paid Tutorials - Self Paced If you practice a lot of the reading and listening tests, you should have a good idea of what band you belong in and where your weaknesses are...
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    IELTS & French certification queries!

    Based on the questions asked in the application, I think you would almost have to apply as a couple if both of you are planning to go to Canada. One of the questions on the application is if you are married, and whether your spouse would be accompanying you. If you select No, you would have...
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    If I forget to add one job in my employment history in IMM5532 form, what happens?

    What stage is your application? What is your CRS score? Was the job experience in the last 10 years? Is the job that you missed out, with the same NOC as your other work experience that you are claiming points for? Will you gain any additional points by adding that particular job experience? I...
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    Confusing Education Question on EE Application

    You are right, that reads better now that you pointed out the obvious. Thank You!
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    Confusing Education Question on EE Application

    On the EE application, under education, there is a questions as follows Was this degree, diploma or certificate: from a public post-secondary school, such as a college, trade/technical school, university or CEGEP (in Quebec) from a private post-secondary school that operates under the same...
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    WES ECA Timeline 2020

    Yes that is normal, mine went from "Not Recieived" to under process, and complete very quickly. WES are still catching up on processing all the physical documents they have received. I assume they need to disinfect every single document and envelope they get before scanning it in.
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    WES ECA Timeline 2020

    Check their notifications page, they have given an indication of their timelines there. Documents received in our WES Canada office by May 26, 2020, will be processed by July 7, 2020. Documents received in our WES Canada office by June 30, 2020, will...
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    WES ECA Timeline 2020

    WES doesn't usually ask to send original certificates, and if they do, its very rare. If they have only asked for your transcript - that's normal
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    WES ECA Timeline 2020

    Delivered by courier 25 May 2020 Acknowledged 07 July ECA issued 13 July All those who have submitted, hang in there... your ECA is coming... WES have tremendously ramped up their processing, so be patient... this is only the first wait... plenty more of these waits throughout the process...
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    Qatar PCC

    Has anyone on this thread managed to get a Qatar PCC from the UAE? If yes, can you share your feedback and which company / agent you used. Thanks
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    Institute does not have envelop [what should i do?]

    Don't know... hopefully somebody else has some insight into WES document acceptance... In any case, I don't think you have a choice anyway, the institute doesn't have its branded stationery, so you can only have it sent in a plain envelope. Not too many options at this point.
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    Institute does not have envelop [what should i do?]

    I assume this is for an ECA? If yes, you really need to make sure that the envelope is sealed BY the institution, and an official there stamps the university's official stamp across the sealed back flap and also signs it to prove that the sealed transcript was issued BY the institution.
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    WES ECA Timeline 2020

    Excellent news, thanks for sharing!
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    Wrexham Glyndwr MSc WES

    If it is an accredited UK university and you actually graduated from the university in the UK, should not be a problem. I assume you will have your transcripts sent from the university in the UK? If that is the case, then I would apply to WES and get the ball rolling on the process. If your...
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    WES Timeline/Tracking 2019

    Did your University already know how to send the documents electronically, or did you provide them with an E-Mail address to send it to?