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  1. Mia A S

    Bringing Money when Ariving in Canada

    Hi! I'd just like to ask how you brought your tuition fee with you? Through Manager's check or did you bring cash with you? Thanks
  2. Mia A S

    COOP Work Permit

    Anybody applied a Coop Work Permit after receiving a Student Visa? I'm planning to apply for the Coop Work Permit through the Univ of Lethbridge Coop Work Program. Any tips?
  3. Mia A S

    Timelines for Spousal Open Work Permit plus TRV processed in the Manila Office?

    Anyone care to share their timelines for the Manila Office for SOWP and TRV for child?
  4. Mia A S

    University of Lethbridge Jan Intake - Anyone?

    Anyone who's going to Uleth on January?
  5. Mia A S

    Spousal Open Work Permit (Philippines)

    Anyone experienced application of SOWP after receiving their Student Visa? Here's our timeline: Sept 24 - Application Submitted through VFS Oct 8 - Received Medical Request Oct 16 - Medicals Done
  6. Mia A S

    Study Visa for Wife, OWP for Husband, TRV for toddler

    Hi! Did anyone get a study visa and owp for husband and a TRV for their toddler? I got my study visa while my husband has just submitted his medical examination. However my toddler (2years old) has not received a request for medicals yet. Does anyone know if the toddler needs a medical...
  7. Mia A S

    Will 2 year old require Medical Clearance for a TRV application?

    I have a study Visa which was issued July of this year. I applied my husband and 2-year old daughter for a Open Work Permit and a TRV respectively. My husband has already received his request for Medical Clearance however my daughter did not. Does anyone know if a medical clearance is needed for...