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    IsI college montreal

    ok what is the main problem to get csq if i complete my study from isi college.
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    IsI college montreal

    what is csq, sorry but i don't know, whould you please explain me
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    IsI college montreal

    hello, I got offer letter from isi college in programming web development course , but i am confuse should i go with isi or not. i completed my bachelor in computer Engineering, give me right suggestion
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    Canada Visa

    My all over band score is 6 and in ( L : 6, R : 5.5, W : 5.5, S : 6). I have 8.23 C.G.P.A in bachelor in computer Engineering and i got 81.33 % in 12th as well as 76% in 10th. So can i get Canada visa in this profile