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  1. shahid_oman

    Proof of Funds for Masters in Canada

    Thank you Hero. That makes sense, there is no particular set for proof of funds as I did some research the more we show the better the chances.
  2. shahid_oman

    WES evaluation for 1 years diploma in Montessori course

    Hey Joanna, Thats right. If you have your gmail, pass on I will be happy to chat or guide you further on this one. mine is
  3. shahid_oman

    Reference Letters for Acadia University

    Hi, I have submitted two references and started to fill my application in Acadia University, but the portal is not asking me to upload the reference letters as well. Can anyone tell me what should be the content of it, should it contain how I used to study and work or whats their interaction...
  4. shahid_oman

    Proof of Funds for Masters in Canada

    Can anyone tell me how much is the proof of fund I need to show, if I want to do masters in Computers and Electrical Engineering in Canada. Is it - a. 1 year tuition fees plus 10K Canadian dollars or b. 2 years tuition fees plus 10K Canadian dollars Thanks and Regards, Shahid
  5. shahid_oman

    Any University in Canada for April 2020 admission for Graduate?

    Hi, I am planning to apply for admissions for Graduate program in Universities in Canada. But almost all are referring as admissions for Fall 2020 (September 2020). I want to know is anyone aware of any University for April 2020 Admission for Graduate Programs? Regards, Shahid
  6. shahid_oman

    I got my study permit after 2 refusals for a same intake

    Congrats and you really motivate others!!!
  7. shahid_oman

    Study Visa from OMAN

    Lets co-ordinate Study Visa and applications from Oman.
  8. shahid_oman

    Students from India for January 2020 intake

    Hi, I am Shahid. Born in India and working in Oman. I have completed my Engineering from Indian college and have more than 10 years of working experience as a Software Programmer and Designer in Telecommunications. Now, I want to pursue my Masters in Electrical and Computer Science in Toronto or...
  9. shahid_oman

    Ray of hope 108th

    Guys, the scores are low now only savior is getting good scores in IELTS.
  10. shahid_oman

    Ielts in kerala

    If you practice more and use the said tips and tricks you can get CLB 9. Regards, Shahid
  11. shahid_oman

    Re-writing IELTS tets

    Dear seniors, Today I got my IELTS tests results and I am a primary applicant. I got overall band of 7 with Listening 7.0, Reading 6.0, Writing 6.5 and Speaking 8.0. I was aiming for overall 8 band and I know I can achieve it. So, my question to all my friends and the seniors is that how soon...
  12. shahid_oman

    PCC -Police verification question?

    Lots of changes and the its a great country and made lots of cool friends here :)
  13. shahid_oman

    Leave Canada after entering on CoPR

    Guys, what I see here is..people are answering just with the instincts. Please take a moment and make sure you justify your answers when you answer it as someones future might depend on it. If anyone is not sure on his/her claims please mention it that you are not sure. Warm regards, Shahid
  14. shahid_oman

    WES evaluation for 1 years diploma in Montessori course

    Dear Seniors, My wife has completed 1 year diploma in Montessori course from International Montessori Teachers training institute - IMTTI, from Chennai-India. I have couple of questions - a. Can I show this 1 year as a 1 year diploma for spouse in my EE profile. b. Does WES accepts 1 year...
  15. shahid_oman

    Ray of Hope - 102nd draw

    Thanks for the info YPS :)
  16. shahid_oman

    PCC -Police verification question?

    Thank you so much Hodari..