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    Change in name in PR Card after splitting name in Indian Passport

    Unfortunately, a written letter with some documents didnt suffice for my application. I received an email from CPC stating I need to submit Legal name change document with Police record check within 30 days (which is highly impossible), else have to go with new file submission. Lets see if any...
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    Change in name in PR Card after splitting name in Indian Passport

    Hi, I have couple of questions. I currently reside in Ontario and got my names split on Indian passport here in BLS Toronto office. Now I want to update the same on PR card. Based on your experience, one doesnt need provincial name change certificate. So can I just write a letter addressing...
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    To all new PR holders with no Last Name, Advice required!

    Hello everyone, Has anybody gone through updation of PR card, after splitting their names on passport (like we did)? Do we still need to go through legal name change document procedure (even its just splitting the names - first name and last name). Kindly someone advise as theres no structured...
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    Hi All, We are doing soft landing in early august from United states by road (Indian nationals) to complete the COPR processing. So do we need to give the biometrics as per the new law? Does this apply for PR applicants as well? Highly appreciate if someone can answer this. Thanks in advance!!
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    Short landing - list of goods

    Thanks @_Harry_ for the response!
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    Short landing - list of goods

    Hello All, We will be doing a soft landing in early august only for a week via rental car from United states. Got a good idea about list of docs after reading the threads. 1) My question is do we need to carry PR photo (50 x 70 mm) beforehand, as i read somewhere CIC doesn't accept direct...
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    India PCC for US residents

    Hi... i have a query with reference to exactly this point, so posting here.... I received Indian PCC from New york consulate without much fuss and as you have stated above, same is written in the document. But i read in other forum(posted in FB), that states most common reasons for rejections of...
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    Police clearance certificate?express entry

    Hello all, Is there a link or portal to check the status of the FBI identity history summary checks? I mailed my fingerprint card along with the application to FBI last month and got notified that it has been received at the FBI end via UPS, but not sure whether its in process or whats...
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    NOI from Ontario

    Thanks for your response. Appreciated!!
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    NOI from Ontario

    Hello.. Case update: Created express entry profile with CRS score 448(awaiting spouse ECA) and hoping to be in the next draw to receive and ITA. But today received an NOI from Ontario, but not sure whether to go for it. What do you think it worth accepting? Would it be beneficial since...