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  1. Arashm0049

    Approved permanent residence

    All of a sudden my approved profile changed to In Process . I have visa and copr in my hand and after reporting this issue, they sent me ppr email :( It is noteworthy that my visa is valid till 2 month later.
  2. Arashm0049

    Golden email

    Finally got the golden email after quite a long journey i hope everyone could experience this unbelievable moment
  3. Arashm0049

    Pls help me Urgent

    I was the same situation and i got my genuinely Depends on the officer
  4. Arashm0049

    Pls help me Urgent

    When did you give bio?
  5. Arashm0049

    Pls help me Urgent

    Tell them truthfully everything in your letter and dont be worried. When you got bio letter exactly?
  6. Arashm0049

    Pls help me Urgent

    How How long after bio have you received this letter?
  7. Arashm0049

    Pls help me Urgent

    No i have seen others who precisely have explained the matter and succeded to get visa.
  8. Arashm0049

    Pls help me Urgent

    Ha Have you ever been refused any usa visa?
  9. Arashm0049

    Section 16(1) imposed on PR MALE SPOUSE FILE

    I think they start security check after pre arrival.refusal visa is not related to eligibility.
  10. Arashm0049

    Section 16(1) imposed on PR MALE SPOUSE FILE

    You got pfl leeter after pre arrival or before that?
  11. Arashm0049

    FSW2014 NDVO Applicants Shifted to COLOMBO Let us connect

    What is pv? What about medical? Did you get it?
  12. Arashm0049


    What was your pfl about? Why did you receive it?
  13. Arashm0049

    Invitation to Pre-arrival services

    What was the main reason for the rejection
  14. Arashm0049

    procedural fairness letter

    If you recall they told you in the note ( large discrepencies between or work history and seducation in previous application and current one). I have seen many cases that have not been rejected just because of not mentioning. Not mentioning is very common between different cases but the main...
  15. Arashm0049

    Procedural Fairness Letter, need help to answer

    What method have you applied now? Are you planning to go to canada as a tourist?
  16. Arashm0049

    Invitation to Pre-arrival services

    Thanks for reminding this. I dont know why do some friends just keep discouraging others. Please dont think about rejection on this stage at all
  17. Arashm0049

    Mistakenly Misrepresented on Schedule A Form

    Which country had you been refused from?
  18. Arashm0049

    Procedural Fairness Letter

    Which country had your wife been refused?
  19. Arashm0049

    procedural fairness letter

    Hi ikrait so sorry to hear this bad news i know you will find the better way for yourself. I want you know the rejection is because of the contradiction on your previous application and not related to refusals. If your lawyer even would mention your refusals they could find the contradictions on...
  20. Arashm0049

    January 2019 onwards Paper Based PR Applicants waiting for AOR/MR/PPR

    Could you please add me to oid whatsapp group?