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    Is it ok not to mention my current employer in the Express Entry profile?

    Yes it's ok Yes you need to list it in personal history post ITA
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    CV/Resume: Legal Status of CoPR

    How you want to present your resume is entirely your own business. If you choose to claim you are already a PR and a prospective employer in Canada wants to meet you face to face, you obviously can't travel to Canada given the current situation.
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    Express Entry or ONIP or Spousal Sponsorship

    It's still an Express Entry application. Has nothing to do with sponsorship. If money is not an issue for you, go with OINP then EE. Otherwise go with sponsorship. Be aware if you choose to sponsor, you'll need to stay in Canada during the application process. If your spouse cannot legally...
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    Urgent : Soft Landing Issue at Canada due to Corona Virus Since you've already contacted IRCC, just follow whatever instructions they provide
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    Declaring amount of work experience

    That's just how the system was designed. It does the calculation by months not days. So strictly speaking, no, you don't have one year of work experience. Whether it could cause any issue, No one can tell you for sure, maybe your application will be refused, maybe visa officer will cut you some...
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    Confused about regular post grad diploma

    1. What degree do you already have 2. Not an issue as long as you can get ECA done for the degree
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    Visa Issuance in wake of WHO Pandemic alert for Corona Virus.

    No such thing. Consult IRCC website, not your relative, for most up to date policies and news Your impression is wrong. Generally the PR visa will be valid for one year from the date of your medical. Sometimes IRCC extends the validity of your medical automatically. Wait till you receive your...
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    Received landing appointment request but email never received.

    It happens sometimes. Check junk folder. Ask them to resend the letter. Try a different email address
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    Singapore CoC = ITA or wait for request letter

    You should wait till you get a letter from IRCC
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    Ray of Hope - 139th Draw

    You don't need it. Just give panel physician your passport information.
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    Ray of Hope - 139th Draw

    Most Chinese applicants do not actually reside in China when they apply. They are either already in Canada or US. If you look at Invitation issued to candidates by country of residence in Express Entry Year Book, the number for China is less than 1000
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    Certificate of qualification/Trade certificate- NOC 1215 - CIFFA/CITT

    You don't get 50 points for certificate of qualification under CEC. It's only for FST You can study without a study permit if the program is not longer than 6 months or if it's a 100% online course
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    Implied Status

    If you apply for BOWP before your IEC expires, you have implied status