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    Self-Employed Application 2018

    Okay thanks :) How many years should you be able to show such tax payment proof, the last 4-5 years?
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    Self-Employed Application 2018

    Dear all, I have a question regarding Income Tax Payment proof, is this document required to proof my financial condition or self-employ activities? I'm freelance translator and earn my money from this profession for the last 10 yrs and have the Purchase Order & Vendor Contract from all my...
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    Self-Employed Application 2018

    Hi Oligaro, Can you share the agency name? Just in case anyone (me :D) need it for future reference.
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    Self-Employed Application 2019

    Dear all, I wonder what your NOC/professions are. I'm translator and I read somewhere on the net that translator is one of the professions that is eligible to apply for this category.
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    Self-Employed Application 2019

    Hello all, Big success to all of you who have applied, I plan to apply this year, still in the middle of gathering all documents. All required documents listed in the checklist should be sent right? Do we have to send the finance proof (bank statement etc) as well along with the other documents?
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    Self Employed canada

    How did the process go? did you get the PR?
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    Self Employed, Please Connect

    Hello all, I plan to take this self employed pathway as freelance translator. I've worked as freelance translator for the last 12 years and have all PO, contracts, paypal payment proof, bank statement. However, freelancers are not taxed in my country. Would it be a problem if I don't have the...
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    21 months as of now. farm management stream is currently closed though
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    Self- Employed

    Is it SE category on your profile? Not so bad I must say. Planning to apply through SE path as freelance translator.
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    Visa Approval Chances for short term Course

    As far as I know, you don't need study visa for course that lasts under 6 months. You can go with visitor visa. CMIIW. Check this one:
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    Application for fall session September 2020

    They refused me, got the news last weekend. I applied for Master of Arts Translation Studies.
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    Self-Employed program for translators

    Hi, I'm about to apply under this category. Have you succeeded with your application?
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    September 2020 (fall) intake (general discussion)

    For Fall 2020. Congrats with the LOA and hopefully everything goes smooth with the visa arrangement.
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    September 2020 (fall) intake (general discussion)

    Hi all, I only applied to Master of Arts for Translation Studies at University Ottawa. my status is still under evaluation. Awaiting for the LOA nervously as I only applied to 1 uni. When will they start sending LOA? I completed my application since 17th January.
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    Admit in Uottawa

    I applied for Master of Arts Translation Studies. Document completion since 17th Jan and my status is still under evaluation :(
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    Application for fall session September 2020

    It's way too long :eek: ! Have you sent them any email? To which program did you apply? Mine is Master of Translation Studies.
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    Application for fall session September 2020

    Anyone applied for University of Ottawa for Fall 2020? My status is still 'under evaluation' after completed the application the first week of January 2020. It's still very early though I guess to hear something :D
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    Self-employed visa for Translators

    Any suggestion of how much money would we have to prove other than the settlement fund? Any rough suggestion?
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    self employed-process times

    I wonder how healthy was your boyfriend net worth?