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    Proof of Funds- Canada express entry

    You need a letter from a bank for POF. No way around it. How do you prove that the cash is yours? You can't. You can also consider opening a bank account in a foreign country, where you won't risk losing the money. However, that can still be problematic, as you still need to provide a source of...
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    IETLS Code for applying

    What if they change the TRF format? If they have, she would be in a pickle.
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    GCMS Notes - Eligibility

    You should publish the full GCMS notes to be able to get help. Make sure you black out information you deem sensitive.
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    IETLS Code for applying

    The format is LAST TWO DIGITS OF THE YEAR OF EXAM - COUNTRY CODE - CANDIDATE NUMBER - FIRST 3 CHARACTERS OF LAST NAME - FIRST CHARACTER OF GIVEN NAME - CENTER CODE - G or A (A is for Academics and G for General Training) Example 19IN002222DOEJ101G Assuming the candidate name is JOHN DOE, 101...
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    Can controlled epilepsy be cause of medical inadmissibility ?

    If the cost of management is less than the threshold, he is likely to be passed.
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    WES Completed evaluation with Remarks, is it all good?

    I apologise for my ignorance. I have not seen anyone with a CRS of 450 without a Master's degree or a Diploma after Bachelor's. Your profile sounds very unique. Also, are you sure that you are able to get 67 points under FSW eligibility...
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    WES Completed evaluation with Remarks, is it all good?

    You cannot claim multiple points for your education. If you have two ECA's - For Bachelors and High School, you get points for Bachelors. If you have two ECA's for Bachelors and Master's, you get points only for Master's and not Bachelor + Master. I don't assume things. Getting 28 out of 150...
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    Work Experience with gap

    Assuming all of them fall into one NOC and that NOC is your primary NOC, then you have to count your experience from 18.08.2017, because you need one year continuous experience.
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    Credit Card dues in US and PCC

    If there is a warrant against you for not appearing for a court case [that is if the bank or the collection agency decided to go to the courts to recover the dues], then, yes, it will appear on your PCC, otherwise, No.
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    proof of Fund

    1. They can be less than 6 months old. 2. Yes
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    WES Completed evaluation with Remarks, is it all good?

    It is of no use to get your high school diploma evaluated by WES, it won't fetch you enough points, you'd be wasting your money. If we go by current trends, even a Bachelor's degree equivalency is not enough to get an ITA, you would need a master's with at least 3 years of experience and a very...
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    WES Completed evaluation with Remarks, is it all good?

    Yes, if IQAS gives you a positive equivalency.
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    Is Indian Graduate Trainee Experience Counted as work Experience

    Android trainee developer would come under the same NOC of Android Developer. You should have a continuous experience for 1 year in primary NOC to be eligible, so your considered experience will start from November 2017, because, you left the first company.
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    Work experience - Express entry form

    You state whatever your reference letter states about your working hours.
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    PCC India query urgent

    Yes, you need to get a new PCC.
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    Full time or part time??

    You are considered full-time if you worked for or more than 30 hours in a week (1560 hours in a year). Anything less than 30 is considered part-time and work experience will be calculated accordingly.
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    WES Completed evaluation with Remarks, is it all good?

    WES does not give positive evaluation to degrees in Homeopathy or other alternate medicines, after all, they were basically mumbo jumbo's. However, IQAS does. And, no, you cannot use this ECA for Express Entry.
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    If You Are Running A Private Limited Company And Even Taking A Salary. (Self Employed OR Employed)

    Self employed would mean that you own the business entirely and you are the one who makes all the decisions. Otherwise, you are an employee (if you get a salary).
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    Biometrics request letter

    No idea about paper based applications.