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  1. tessa2105

    Landing Interview Experience (Inland Applicant) - Vancouver

    I applied via CEC on November 14th, 2018. I originally received a Confirmation of Permanent Residence appointment date for June 26, 2019 but I was out of the country and had to reschedule. I did not receive a COPR or anything for this interview apart from an email notifying me of the time, date...
  2. tessa2105

    CEC proof of funds explanation document format

    Yes, I reported $0 on the income I was bringing to Canada, was not prompted/asked for Proof of Funds or a letter and I have been granted PR.
  3. tessa2105

    Travel on other permit while waiting for PR card?

    I have a valid open work permit in hand and will soon have an interview for confirmation of permanent residence. Am I able to leave the country and come back on this permit between the appointment and receiving the PR card in the mail?
  4. tessa2105

    Responded to "do not reply" email

    Thank you, I just sent another web form with my address. I hope they get to it in time. I'm so scared!
  5. tessa2105

    Responded to "do not reply" email

    I had to reschedule my appointment for confirmation of permanent residence as I was out of the country. I received an email: Thank you for informing us. As your Confirmation of Permanent Residence document expires on October 23, 2019, you will be rescheduled sometime between October 18-23...
  6. tessa2105

    November 2018 AOR - Join here

    AOR: Nov 14, 2018 I received my inland interview email 4 days ago. Unfortunately I updated my address as being out of Canada two weeks ago but they must still have me on record as being in the country. I have responded saying I cannot attend this interview so will see.
  7. tessa2105

    Please Help! Can i apply for another Working holiday visa?

    As per above, you cannot get a second one. If you can, fly over and enter Canada, get your permit and return home. At least that way you have 2 years from the time you enter Canada to come back.
  8. tessa2105

    Leaving Canada while PR in process

    I should be granted PR by May 14 (6 months after my AOR date). However, I am looking at taking a job for 5 months in another country and they've asked me to start on May 14. I don't know what date I would leave Canada but it would most likely be after then. What if my PR gets approved while I'm...
  9. tessa2105

    CEC or FSW?!

    You can apply up to the day your permit expires. As long as you apply for the BOWP before your permit expires, you can continue working in Canada as per the conditions of your IEC (on implied status until you receive an answer on your BOWP. As per above, you can start gathering your documents...
  10. tessa2105

    Can We apply for PR, while Visa extension by employer is in process ?

    There are no restrictions on when you can and cannot apply for PR, provided you meet the requirements.
  11. tessa2105

    Advice on reference letter job duties orders

    Order should not matter.
  12. tessa2105

    Advice on reference letter job duties orders

    The majority of duties outlined by the NOC code should be included in your letter. However, your letter and application will not be accepted if the duties are copied word for word, thus leading the VO to question the authenticity of the letter.
  13. tessa2105

    CEC proof of funds explanation document format

    The system does not ask for a proof of funds document if your declared funds was $0. If you declare another value, there will be a placeholder for proof of funds in which the applicant would upload a letter.
  14. tessa2105

    CEC proof of funds explanation document format

    If the applicant indicates some funds available in their application, then perhaps they should submit a letter. But I disagree that a letter is required for CEC despite the amount of declared funds. Otherwise the applicant is just creating extra work for themselves. The OP said "if I show funds...
  15. tessa2105

    1560 Hours in 7 months

    If you have worked a minimum of 30 hours a week for 52 weeks, you meet the minimum eligibility to apply for CEC.
  16. tessa2105

    CEC questions

    Unfortunately the prerequisites for both FSW and CEC include work experience at least a "B" skilled position. If you did at least a year of work in a skilled occupation in your home country, you may be eligible for FSW. A NOC C job won't help you. The differences between CEC and FSW - CEC is...
  17. tessa2105

    CEC proof of funds which transfered from Canada to India

    Unless wanting to be considered for FSW, proof of funds is not required. You are just creating extra work for yourself.
  18. tessa2105

    Urgents please cec permanent application

    You will have one upload only for the education component. I put all my degrees and transcripts into one PDF document. WES isn't required but I included it in the PDF anyway. So joint PDF is the way to go.
  19. tessa2105

    CEC proof of funds explanation document format

    Funds will make no difference to your application for CEC. It would make a difference if you wanted to be considered for FSW too. You can simply change your funds to $0 and not worry about submitting any additional document.
  20. tessa2105

    Employment letter

    Has your official title or position name changed? Have you received a change in pay? As your work experience is in Canada, it wouldn't harm you to provide one letter, but two different job descriptions and set of dates. This would need to be entered as two separate jobs in your Express Entry...