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    Anyone getting CERB? two questions...

    Hi Anyone availing CERB? 1. when do you fill the online report? start of 4 weeks or end of 4 weeks? 2. what day does the payment get credited in the account? thansk!
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    Template format added here for no work reference letters

    hi I have received quite a few PMs asking for the template I used for not being able to obtain the work reference letter in the IRCC format . Hence I am putting it up here for anyone who wishes to use it. below is the text from my LOE. printed on plain paper, signed and scanned. I did not feel...
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    Travel insurance while in Canada - any ideas?

    Hello if I understand correctly new immigrants do not get any health benefits upon arrival. A friend recommended I take a travel insurance for the initial few months of my travel there. do employers provide health insurance coverage immediately upon joining? I am trying to determine how long...
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    Talking about my landing experience - India to Toronto

    Hello everyone, In the spirit of giving back to this forum, I thought I would also share my landing experience. In case anyone else has questions I landed, as a single applicant, from India (via Brussels) in Toronto on Tuesday around 12pm (noon Canadian time). After disembarking from the...
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    Landing experience with PRTD anyone? Returning to Canada months after soft landing..

    Can anyone who has a landing experience with PRTD talk about that? I am doing a soft landing and then returning back home, then I'll apply for a PRTD from my home VO and go back permanently to Canada in a few months. I wanted to know if the landing procedures for PRTD are any different than...
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    Digital photo requirements - Eapr

    can some please confirm the specification of the photo that needs to be uploaded in the eapr. so far as i was going with the detail specified in the help button in the checklist " Frame size The final frame size of the photo must be at least 35mm x 45mm. The photographs must show a full front...
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    Got PR without work experience reference letter?

    I am having the worst nightmares trying to get the work ref letter for my current jobs. Can't ask my line manager or immediate colleagues cause that'll raise flags. Any other acquaintance I was counting on just turned their backs on me . There is no way I'm getting this letter in time to meet my...
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    Issue with CiC portal? ***important***

    i was attempting to upload some documents in eapr but the system is not accepting stating unrecognised formats . Although my documents are in PDF format I'm not sur what the issue is. Has anyone faced any issue in the past 12 hours ?
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    Proof of funds

    is it an issue that the bank letter is almost two months old i.e. Issued in September? I can add bank statements for the past six months but they would have been online downloads, would not have any sign or anything Also these are savings/fixed accounts so there is not a lot of movement in...
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    PCC Mumbai timeline

    I had applied for PCC from Mumbai thru the passport office on 12th Oct. they sent my file for police verification and said it would be done in a few days and i would be informed via sms. around 22-23 Oct the local police visited my address, completed their formalities but since then there has...
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    Work experience letter - address the letter to whom?. query

    hello, i am in the process of collecting my documents while i wait for ITA. I asked my organisation for a work reference letter and although they didn't happily agree, they said they would check with my department head on the feasibility of getting one done. meanwhile they have asked me whom do...
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    Documents attestation from Mumbai for WES ECA. 2004/06 passout

    Hello . I am a 2004 BMS grad from Chinai college (Mumbai) & 2006 Mcom post-graduate from Mumbai univ.Please help. I have couple questions regarding the documents attestation for the WES ECA . hope someone can help me out urgently. 1. Chinai college has shut down, but since my graduation (3...