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    PPR after uploading new loa?

    Is there anyone who got request to upload their new LOA for jan intake and they got the PPR after uploading it? If yes? How long did it take to get the PPR after uploading your new loa?
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    New LOA request

    Got request to upload new LOA for Jan in my gc key account even though my agent sent it through web from earlier. Should I upload the new loa in Gc key now? And how much times does it takes to get the confirmation?
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    Northern Pures students ?

    Did anyone had any communication with the college regarding their name being updated in the list?
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    Best website for GCMS notes ?

    Can someone suggest me the website for applying GCMS Notes?
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    2nd stage as 15 Sep is near

    Any idea when will the 2nd stage process start as 15 sep is coming or If there is anyone who already got their final decision after AIP?
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    Can anyone suggest me how to withdraw my application and start the refund process?

    Looking at the current Pandemic situation and Being waiting since 5 months and still seeing the uncertainty about the future of international students, I am planning to withdraw my study permit application Under SDS. Can anyone tell me how should I start the procedure?
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    Waiting for new offer letter but no update.

    I applied for a new offer letter from Northern college in March 2020 but still there is no update from the college. Is there anyone else in the same situation as well?
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    Visa delay for sep 2020 and waiting for new LOA

    Hey guys I was accepted in Northern college for May 2020 intake And I applied for my Online SDS Visa on 6th March 2020. I got an update for medical and biometric on 15th March but after that there was no update on my cic account. After seeing the current scenario I asked my agent to send a...
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    Anyone got their visa in this last week?

    Does anyone got their visa after the Canadian travel ban which was on 16th?
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    Information about lambton in Sarnia ?

    Hey everyone! I just got my offer letter for a pg diploma in lambton Sarnia campus. Is there anyone studying or staying in Sarnia and tell me about the part time job opportunities over there ?