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    Written authorization

    Hi i need small info regarding travel exemptions to canada . Me n my husband are stuck in india..My husband has valid closed wp til april 2021, but he was transferred from canada to india in his company due to covid, so he resigned his job n he is in his notice period now. I have a spouse...
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    PASSPORT SUBMISSION - two way courier service

    Hello, As my work visa expired i had to apply for trv, it got approved . Now i received a passport request letter. On the parallel side, i am getting PCC done for my PR, in india for pcc, spouse name is to be added in the passport, so i had to reissue my passport. To send my passport for...
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    PCC india

    Hi , I m waiting for my ITA, so planning to get my pcc meanwhile as m expecting ITA in next draw. I m married in canada and at present me and my husband are in india. And i dont live at the same address as my passport , even my parents aren’t at the same address . We shifted to a new place...
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    Who can travel ?

    hello all , wanna know what is the exact meaning in the below lines from ircc my hisband has been laid off when he isin india for hisvacation.He is on closed workpermit. And also lived in canada for almost9 months , his work permi is valid till april 2021. So with the travel restrictions now i...
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    Police clearance

    Hello all, I m in india. I am in EE pool expecting ITA in next two Draws, can i get a police clearance upfront before receiving an ITA ? Is it ok? just checkinh to avoid any time lag.
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    One yr canadian experience

    Hello all, i m starting my application. My husband is primary, he has one yr canadian experience. The thing is he started aug 19th 2019 as closed work pemrit and unfortunately due to covid he is tranferred to home country with his start date on aug15th 2020... so is it ok to consider him into...
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    Spouse of temporary worker to travel to canada from india

    Hello , as there are few new changes to travel exemptions to canada . is there anyone who travelled as a spouse of temporary worker in canada. is it said that v need aauthorization letter from ircc. My spouse has valid cclosed wp and also visitor visa . But his company transferred him to...
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    Visa stamping from india during pandemic.

    Helloo all, my trv has been approved, i applied on july 20th, as a foreign worker bec mine is expired and i m stuck in india due to covid . I have valid job lette to re enter into canada. Apart from contacting newdelhi mission via email, is there any other means to contact them to escalate my...
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    Trv(outside canada)applicants july. Please comment below your updates.

    Please post your dates and updates. I aplied on july 20th, from india. Returninb worker.
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    TRV for spouse dependent opem work permit.

    Hi, i m a foreign worker , came to india due to covid on march while my spouse dependemt wp application is being processed. My work permit is approved in april. I don’t have visa to travel back to canada. As my trv is expired in jan. My husband’s company isn’t applyinh for online application...
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    Hi, i am a temporary worker, with implied status. I had to move out of country to my home country, as my work place is shut down due to covid, i work in a dental clinic. Am I eligible to apply for cerb ? Or only for people residing in canada ?