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    GCMS NOTES - Help

    Guys, has anyone ordered GCMS notes every second week and received them accordingly? I ordered mine 2 weeks ago and want to order another one again, but not sure when would they send them - from the date of your last order or each order?
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    Employer copy pasted NOC duties...

    Guys, I think I am going crazy. My NOC is very specific - Accounting technician and my employer copy pasted duties from the government website with some minor changes on the reference letter...Do you think this could be a problem? I already submitted my application. I though it wouldn't make a...
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    NOC duties - copy paste

    Guys, I am very anxious about my job reference letter that i got from my employer. He basically copy pasted NOC duties with some minor changes. Everything else is good. Its a big public chartered accounting firm in Canada and i applied as an accounting technician. I received a 2 year...
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    After ITA - Travel History

    Do you have to enter travel history to Canada as well if you reside in Canada? I think the answer is no since its my current country of residence but just to confirm.. Thanks
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    For people who received ITA with PNP

    Hi guys, Can you please share your expenses if you received ITA with PNP from any province? What stream you've been invited under? CEC, FSW or Provincial Nominee Program? just trying to understand how this works. Thanks!
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    How does CIC figure under which stream you get ITA?

    Hi all, If you qualify for both - FSW & CEC, how does CIC decide under which stream to put an applicant through? It seams CEC applicants get through it faster..Please advise. Thanks
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    Job Match account suspended - problem???

    Hi all, My job match account has been suspended due to inactivity. I have just emailed them to get it reactivated. But, I am expecting ITA next draw and worry that I will not get it....Has anyone faced this problem??? Thanks
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    Please Help!! Removing personal info from profile

    Hi guys, I have received PNP and my score went up by 600. And now I decided to remove my spouse's ECA and English test and my ECA as well and leave just Canadian degree so that I don't have to submit so many docs. Is that ok to do so? Would it be a misrepresentation if I don't list all my...
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    Why CIC doesn't see uploaded docs & rejects applications??

    Why CIC doesn't see uploaded docs and what to do if application is rejected because of "missing" docs??
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    2 year program in Canada + Bachelor degree from overseas - Help!!

    Do we get 119 points for 2 year program in Canada + Bachelor degree from overseas??
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    NOC 1111 with 2 year accounting diploma - CEC ANYONE???

    Anyone one applied for CEC with NOC 1111 and 2 year accounting diploma from a Canadian college and was successful??
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    NOC question

    Someone on this forum mentioned that you must not copy duties form Human Resources & Skills Development website but paraphrase them. Can you share your experience. Cause some of the duties I have on my letters are totally matching the duties on the website...
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    FSW - Copy of National ID

    Can anyone tell me if the copy of National ID is mandatory to submit?
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    FSW - Arranged employment - Process

    Hi, I am about to submit my application. Can anyone tell me what is the process after the application is submitted? How long does it take to hear back from them? (I am applying whiting Canada) Thanks
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    Applicant in Canada with Job Offer needs help!

    Hi everyone, I am currently working in Canada on an open work permit and I need to know what kind of job offer my employer has to provide? I have been working for my company since May, 2013...confused...