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    leaving my inland application that's been taking like forever.

    Hello., we applied for PR through BCPNP express entry last january 6, 2017,. we already have our UCI, medical submitted and passed,. but its already 6 months and due to some confusion on the application for the open work permit extention the permit application got rejected and now we are out of...
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    name-based police certificate from RCMP

    Hi Everyone; when i applied for Police Certificate they never required my fingerprints at RCMP, They said ill just have to wait for 2 weeks and ill get the document? Am i getting the right document (cause i thought there should be fingerprinting), or am i in the wrong process? Please help...
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    is 2 months early arrival allowed FOR SEPT.2014 intake.

    I can't find answers, kindly help....i recieved my visa last april 24, 2014, i am for sept. 2014 intake, now my question is this,. now that a student permit issued after june 1, 2014 allow full-time international students enrolled at designated institutions in certain programs to work part time...
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    start with a student visa - end up with a PR

    for those who started out with a student visa and later on worked their way to successfully having a permanent visa...pls share your journey.......inspire others ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) thanks in advance