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    For those countries that don’t allow

    dual citizenship, does IRCC retain the home country passport and return it to the home country or is it left to the applicant to advise their home country embassy/consulate? Is there any Government of Canada notification that goes to the home country of Canadian citizenship?
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    Interesting stats on the efforts to enforce RO

    From that bastion of really newsworthy articles today: Not a fan of "The Star", but it does provide some interesting statistical information on recent...
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    Question about visitor records and PR applications

    So my neighbour has filed for her PR twice now under inland, and in both times it was rejected for being incomplete. His wife is from a non exempt country and is currently in Canada on a TRV. She applied for an extension in January and received notification and a visitor record good until...
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    Withdawing inland application to apply outland

    I'm currently helping our neighbors with their family class application. They have already applied inland, but it is now the third time the application has been returned as incomplete or missing information. I am not sure at this time if the application is even in process, but I have suggested...
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    What to do with the COPR once you receive your PR card?

    Looking for some insight. Now that we have the PR card, should we remove the COPR from the passport and tuck it away safe in a safety deposit box or someplace similar? Should we carry the COPR if we travel? Do you need your passport and PR card to enter Canada or just the card? It's all Greek to...
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    Statutory Declaration of Common Law for visa extension

    Greetings, We are applying to extend my common law spouse visa while she is here in Canada. She has a multi-entry Visa and we have applied for her PR and are awaiting further processing at the Singapore Visa Office. My question concerns IMM 5409 Statutory Declaration of Common Law Union and...
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    Indonesian Police Certificate

    Greetings, Just got the e-mail below from Immigration, and I'm a little confused. We submitted the original police certificate in the application and I am just wondering if this is just a form letter they send out to everyone (as it mentions if you have already submitted one, you don't need to...
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    Why do I have two UIC numbers?

    Greetings, Got notification from Mississauga a while back for the AOR, complete with file number and UIC number. Now it's been transferred to Singapore, there is a different UIC number being used. Is this a case where the sponser and sponsored each have their own UIC number or what? Thanks
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    I/We are currently in the processing the PR application for my "common law" spouse. I am Canadian by birth and she is Indonesian. We have been in a relationship since 2011, starting in Indonesia. During my time there, due to employment and religious (I am Ignostic) issues common in the country...