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  1. alphazip

    How long does getting the proof of CA citizenship take? We've been waiting for almost a year!

    Did you request urgent processing, based on an immediate need to return to Canada? IRCC has this under "Processing Times": "Due to the impacts of coronavirus disease...
  2. alphazip

    First generation limit to citizenship by descent did a great job of covering all the possibilities!
  3. alphazip

    First generation limit to citizenship by descent

    Let's look at the Citizenship Act as is existed before April 17, 2009: "3 (1) Subject to this Act, a person is a citizen if (b) the person was born outside Canada after February 14, 1977 and at the time of his birth one of...
  4. alphazip

    First generation limit to citizenship by descent

    Proof of citizenship means proof of an existing status. The proof doesn't grant that status. If a person was born abroad in (say) 1978 to a Canadian citizen parent, he/she became a Canadian citizen at birth. If that Canadian citizen then had a child born abroad, that child also acquired...
  5. alphazip

    First generation limit to citizenship by descent

    One slight clarification: the OP didn't have to get proof of citizenship before 2009, he just had to have been a Canadian citizen at the time his son was born in 2002. So, in this case, if he was born born in/after 1977 to a Canadian-citizen parent (i.e., his mother hadn't lost her Canadian...
  6. alphazip

    2nd Generation Citizenship Question! Thank you!

    hawk39, I would agree with your interpretation of events, in that the OP's mother's birth was registered as required by the original Citizenship Act, thus making her a Canadian citizen at birth, BUT that her citizenship would have been lost when her responsible parent (father) became a U.S...
  7. alphazip

    Canadian grandparents

    Although it's unlikely, you *could* be a Canadian citizen IF your father was born outside of Canada before 1977 and his birth was registered with Canadian officials (or in or after 1977 w/o registration), and you were born outside of Canada in or after 1977 (but before April 17, 2009), and you...
  8. alphazip

    Citizenship by decent

    Until 1977, Canadian citizenship was passed on through birth abroad to a Canadian citizen father in wedlock (or mother out of wedlock). There were also other requirements, which included registration. After 1977, there was a provision where your father could have received a grant of...
  9. alphazip

    Canadian Citizenship by Descent

    If you want to see (and download or print) the record of your father's birth (uncertified, of course), go to and enter your father's information. I just entered my grandfather's info (born in Ontario in 1889) and it brought up exactly what they have in the archives...
  10. alphazip

    Canadian Citizenship by Descent

    You will need a certified copy of the birth registration from the Archives of Ontario. It works as a birth certificate for a person born before 1918. Getting Birth, Marriage or Death Certificates...
  11. alphazip

    Canadian Citizenship for USA Citizens

    "A U.S. citizen may naturalize in a foreign state without any risk to his or her U.S. citizenship."
  12. alphazip

    Citizen for newborn born outside canada

    I don't think that that is necessarily true. As stated on the Alberta provincial website (, for example: "If you are moving, immigrating, or returning to Alberta from outside Canada, you might be eligible for coverage from the date [you]...
  13. alphazip

    Citizen for newborn born outside canada

    Ontario has a three month waiting period to enrol in OHIP, the government-sponsored health plan. The provinces that don't have a waiting period (after registration in their health plan is accepted) are Manitoba, Alberta, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland & Labrador, and Prince Edward...
  14. alphazip

    I am most likely a Canadian Citizen, but I can't prove it.

    My father was deceased when I applied for proof of citizenship. That doesn't matter. Simply use the citizenship tool: 1) Born outside Canada. 2) When my parent was born or adopted, my grandparent was a Canadian...
  15. alphazip

    I am most likely a Canadian Citizen, but I can't prove it.

    The grandchild born abroad to a parent born abroad to a Canadian in Crown service at the time of the birth is entitled to Canadian citizenship. It doesn't matter that the parent and grandparent are deceased. canuck 78, you may want to suggest to your cousins that they use the "Am I Canadian?"...
  16. alphazip

    I am most likely a Canadian Citizen, but I can't prove it.

    A couple things: 1) Although access to birth certificates is restricted, this generally doesn't apply to death certificates. I don't know in which province your grandfather was born or died, but the Ontario website...
  17. alphazip

    Newborn citizen certificate born outside canada

    You've asked this before in another thread and I answered before, but YES, you can apply for proof of citizenship in Canada. It does not matter that the child is not in Canada. If you have everything you need (birth certificate, etc.), YES, you can apply here in Canada.
  18. alphazip

    Canadian parent Not on Birth certificate

    Sorry, but the only thing you can do if he is uncooperative is to talk to a lawyer about getting a court order to force his cooperation, which would be a complicated, expensive process. An example of this was in the news recently, where the former King of Belgium was forced by a court to...
  19. alphazip

    citizen certificate application

    No, you are not considered a representative. Don't fill out the form and don't check the box.
  20. alphazip

    Canadian citizen certificate, Apply Online?

    As long as you have all the required documentation (child's birth certificate, etc.), you can apply here in Canada.