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  1. Publius_Cornelius_Scipio

    Country of residence. US F1 Visa

    dotslash227 is wrong. If you are a U.S.resident depends on the definition of the process. "Your country of residence is the country in which you are residing, provided that you have been lawfully admitted to that country."...
  2. Publius_Cornelius_Scipio

    how high will the ee cutoff be in 2020

    how knows?But considering the big picture of geopolitics and economy, I won't count on it to decrease drastically in comparison to this year's number.
  3. Publius_Cornelius_Scipio

    Express Entry for middle age

    By the recent trend, the cut-off line is hoovering around 470 if not slightly higher. You are roughly 90 points off. Unless you could pull very hard "tricks" or you are extremely valuable, we are talking about impossibility in practice.[ I assume you were not talking about trade program under...
  4. Publius_Cornelius_Scipio

    Ray of Hope - 133rd Draw

    Do you know about the Australian system enough to comment? I am asking not in a confrontation way. I simply don't know and people always compare the Australian systems with the Canadian one.
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    What Canadas cares about is five years after serving your "sentence".
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    City/town of birth

    Stick with your passport. Put in whatever you have on your American passport. American passports use states as Place of birth.
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    Application of CCB(Canada child benefit) for New Settlers

    You can apply for CCB during the landing year. Some tips If you wish, you could ask CRA to mail paper forms to you. What you would need are RC66 and RC66SCH[Myabe more], free of charge. I do not know if they accept the applications without SINs. I would suggest you do not apply until you get...
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    Ray of Hope - 131st Draw

    this is not a ray of hope, it is a ray of destruction from hell. I weep for all the souls who have to suffer.
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    How to Make a Roth IRA Election with CRA

    I will assume you know why you need to make such an election for your American Roth IRA. If you don't know, research it. I contacted CRA via mail recently and got the confirmation as below: We received your letter dated xxx in regards to filing an election for a Roth IRA. You should follow the...
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    Ray of Hope - 130th Draw

    I am really surprised by this relatively high cut off score.
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    Moving Money from U.S. to Canada

    "most cost-efficient way" "If the major concern is cost," Please understand the context is constrained to the most cost-efficient way, not a method one is pleased with. The former is objective, the latter is subjective. With this understanding, one should not be shocked by my comment. Of...
  12. Publius_Cornelius_Scipio

    Moving Money from U.S. to Canada

    transferwise: % fee for transfers up to 100,000 GBP = 0.45% for 100,000 GBP, fee is 448.28 GBP (0.45%). The proportional fee structure is the worst when the size of the fund is large, as demonstrated by this example. I am going to say, it ain't cheap enough.
  13. Publius_Cornelius_Scipio

    Moving Money from U.S. to Canada

    I am writing this post as new settlers keep inquire about the most cost-efficient way to convert a large amount of money in USD to a large amount of money in CAD. if you do a quick searching online about the exchange rate between USD and CAD, what you would get is the daily, floating exchange...
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    Speculation: Some Cross Border Banks Report Credit Cards information to Canadian Credit Agencies

    Thank you for providing the name of the card. I added your card to the list.
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    Speculation: Some Cross Border Banks Report Credit Cards information to Canadian Credit Agencies

    This is a founding based on our experience and some feedback from other members. [If you have some stories to share, please tell me so I can develop a list of credit cards as a reference for future settlers from the U.S.A.] We had a Nordstorm credit card issued by TD Bank, a U.S. national bank...
  16. Publius_Cornelius_Scipio

    Global Transfer of Amex from U.S. to Canada for Credit Score

    Additional information: I cannot guarantee your score after the global transfer. The number seems to fluctuate greatly depending on factors obscure to me. If you really want to save the parking fee, you could. There is a big U loop near the entrance of the Amex building. Bring another...
  17. Publius_Cornelius_Scipio

    Global Transfer of Amex from U.S. to Canada for Credit Score

    I am providing our experiences as reference for some future settlers, as I've discovered so many fellows have no ideas or do not know details of this convenient program, Global Transfer of Amex. By utilizing this program, one could have a fairly high credit score within one month of landing. For...
  18. Publius_Cornelius_Scipio

    461 Enough?

    A few rounds, likely. Within A couple of rounds, god knows.
  19. Publius_Cornelius_Scipio

    A question about Bank Draft/Money Order/Certified Checks

    I won't need to wait, as I have already been slapped on the face by LCBO, a government-guaranteed semi-monopoly.