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    which stage it is any help guys?

    That was my status for like 4 months. For my friend he got it a month after that status.
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    HELP: CRS Point miscalculation - Should I Withdraw CEC PR application?

    You can have multiple profiles active in the same account. This is pre-ITA.
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    They dont have to match exactly. Just a couple are okay.
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    CEC - qualifying job offer or not?

    2 questions: 1. Do you have to claim the valid offfer ? Can you do it without ? Enough score? 2. How did you determine if your job offer is LMIA exempt? if its not, read below LMIA is a pain the ass process. Takes a certain time and is expensive. In most cases employer recovers the cost from...
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    Point calculation for work experience through maternity leave

    Please get legal advice on this. Since you did not go back to work after the leave. It's not counted as continuous employment with same employer and hence the 40 weeks mat leave may not be counted. Also if you left Canada in those 40 weeks, then that would be another issue.
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    Documents required from previous company for express

    You can add a letter of explanation (LOE) providing the reason why the first company is not providing the reference letter, then attach the other docs. This should do it.
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    CHEQUE FOR PR , No pay stub

    Pay doesn't matter. Apparently they say that your pay should be close to the median payrate of your region. The median pay in Ontario is $23/hr. But my pay was less than that. And I got PR too. So It doesn't matter how much you get paid as long not less than the minimum.
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    HELP: CRS Point miscalculation - Should I Withdraw CEC PR application?

    1. Send them updated employment letter through web forms when you complete 2 years. Maybe along with a LOE. 2. You get full refund if processing is not started yet. 3. There is no wait. (I had 3 active profiles once) Doesn't matter.
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    CHEQUE FOR PR , No pay stub

    Yes. I was working for a couple of months as temp Analyst and I got paid by cheque as well. You need to add all scans of cheques along with letter from employer stating that they paid you cheques or here you can write a LOE. You also need to attach T4 statements.
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    Bridging open work permit

    Yes. But he can stay on tourist visa. He needs a temporary status in Canada to stay.
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    Bridging open work permit

    Yes. My BOWP was expiring June 28 2019. I applied on June 21 2019. Same with my PGWP, I applied 8 days before study permit expiry.
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    Employment documents to upload, they all look the same

    It's pretty self explanatory: Offer of Employment > Also called Confirmation of Employment. This is the initial job offer letter which you receive before joining the company. example of offer letter Letter of employment > Also known as reference or verification letter. Letter is issued when...
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    Bridging open work permit

    $1200 is way too much. You can do BOWP by yourself. Google> Come to canada tool. It will take you to a tool which will check your eligibility. After which it will take you further and at the end give you a reference number. Login to your cic account and enter this reference number. It will...
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    Reference letter from ex-colleagues

    Thats what I had too. All I did was draft a letter . You can use this To Whom It May Concern Dear Sir/Madam, My name is (full name). I was an employee of (full name of company) from (start date) to (end date). I was a Full-time employee working 40 hours a week with a salary of Indian...
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    Reference letter from ex-colleagues

    Do you have an experience letter from each of the companies that you worked with in India?
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    Reference letter from ex-colleagues

    I was in the same boat. I gave a self attested letter with roles and responsibilities.
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    Flagpoling by foot (no personal car)

    Thanks Here's my timeline (NOC code 1225) 2019 May 29 ITA (479) 2019 June 14 AOR 2020 Jan 22 COPR 2020 Jan 24 Mailed them for landing interview 2020 Feb 25 Mailed again for interview (Since I didnt get any reply) 2020 April 02 Got a mail from IRCC saying all appointments are cancelled and they...
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    Paid Vacation during CEC experience

    For CEC you need to work minimum 1560 hours (52 weeks x 30hrs per week). If you have that then you're eligible.
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    Flagpoling by foot (no personal car)

    Thanks, Guess what! I did get lucky. IRCC Etobicoke office contacted me and activated my PR with a letter. They asked me to send copr and 1 picture by mail so they can issue pr card. I just mailed it today. I just gotto wait for the card now.