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  1. YVR123

    Sponsorship for my wife and kids and I have ex-wif

    You are NOT divorced once you remarried. There is only 1 marrital status. You cannot be divorced and remarreid... You are and were MARRIED when you apply for your H&C. You did commit misrepresentation.
  2. YVR123

    IMM 0006- statutory declaration for the purposes of entry into canada for extended family member

    Do you have TRV? Or you have applied before and was rejected? You won't qualify for conjugal if you can travel to Canada and become common law or get married with your partner.
  3. YVR123

    Parents and Grandparents Sponsorship 2019 I think they will update with the link when it's open on Nov 30, Monday.
  4. YVR123

    PR Renewal - Working Abroad

    It doesn't look like you plan to live in Canada as a permanent resident any time soon. I do not think there is a way to keep your PR since there is no plan to fulfill your RO after your next entry to Canada.
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    this is very weird!!!
  6. YVR123

    renting in Vancouver, BC for student

    Are you in Vancouver already? It's hard to look for or rent any place when you are not here. (May be except student housing arranged by school) Specially if the unit is shared, I am sure the other person/people will want to meet you before any agreement is made. There are online listing for...
  7. YVR123

    renting in Vancouver, BC for student

    I don't think you can get a room for $550 anywhere close to Langara (cambie and W 49th). May be sharing a room in an old basement suite a bit further away.
  8. YVR123

    Are my step-childs considered my dependent child?

    Then they are not your dependents (assuming that you are the principle applicant). They are his dependents. He could sponsor them (in a seperate application) if he declared them when he immigrated to Canada. But that's irrevelant to your application. I do not believe the sponsor need to fill...
  9. YVR123

    Are my step-childs considered my dependent child?

    Is his sponoring you? Or are you sponsoring him. His kids that are under 22 are his dependents. (21 and 17)
  10. YVR123

    Can my in-laws sponsor me?

    This section is for Canadian PR or citizen to sponsor their family to become PR. It's better to post your question at the international students section. I do not know the terminology used for student visa application. But I think you mean that he will pay for your study? You need to proof...
  11. YVR123

    Virtual landing, now what?

    Money transfer is never taxed. Canadian tax is on income/earning/captial gain. Not on how much you already own. Try looking at this section of forum and there are more dicussion on goods follow and other information regarding to settlement. (after becoming a PR)...
  12. YVR123

    Age limit for child sponsorship under Manitoba pnp

    I think that's VERY OLD rule. In the past for a certain period, I think dependent's age was under 19 or under 25 while still a full time student (financially depending on the parents) . But that was ages ago.
  13. YVR123

    Quarantine Plan I don't think it matter or not if...
  14. YVR123

    Cheating in a common-law relationship and sponsorship

    Why are you quoting a link that describes conjugal relationship while all your questions and cases have nothing to do with conjugal?
  15. YVR123

    IMM 1344 printing

    you replied to an almost 7 years old post. Majorlie08 hasn't posted since 2016.
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    If all of you live in a 2 bedroom basement, I do not think your mother can stay at the basement to quarantine unless all 5 of you will be staying home for the 14 days. ( no school, no work, no grocery shopping) I think it's better to get her an air bnb rental or a hotel room for quarantine. You...
  17. YVR123

    Cheating in a common-law relationship and sponsorship

    Thanks for the clarified timeline. So from this timeline, there is no consequences for all parties involved, PA, ex-common-law and new partner. It's a relationship issue (cheating during a common law relationship) than an immigration issue. PA can sponsor his new wife.
  18. YVR123

    Co-signer residency for dependent child sponsorship visa

    It's not a hard rule. But sponsors who are PR need to live in Canada during the sponsor process. You can take your chance if you choose to.
  19. YVR123

    Last name change required ?

    I don't think it's a Canadian rule. So check to see if Indian Government is setting this new rule and get your information from the government source. btw Canadians do not have spouse names in our passports. (And we can choose to change our lastname or keep our maiden names after we got married)
  20. YVR123

    Cheating in a common-law relationship and sponsorship

    I am trying to understand how " PA firstly helps the common-law to become a PR, " Did they apply together? Were PA being sponsored by his common-law partner? It wasn't really clear in the post.