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  1. s23srinivas

    Travel while Canada citizen application submitted

    Yes no problem. It will take another 2-3 months to receive your formal acknowledgement followed by some more months of processing till you get the test invite and oath ceremony. You are free to travel after applying for the citizenship and during the processing, just that you should be available...
  2. s23srinivas

    Being Unemployment and applying for citizenship

    I would suggest you to apply for the citizenship as with current covid situation there is a huge backlog and building up. By the time you get a test invite after your application who knows it may be another 15-18 months assuming by then IRCC would have come out with a solution to conduct test...
  3. s23srinivas

    OCI process

    Today being a Thursday don't pin your hopes much for getting it this week. It will be a good surprise if you get it in a day or two this week. Next week for sure. All the best.
  4. s23srinivas

    oci for child

    You are right about the OCI Fees being 425$. Since a child's passport if of 5 years validity only, with every passport change you will have to renew the OCI card too. The BLS website shows 43$ for reissuance of the OCI card. Assuming that the child...
  5. s23srinivas

    Canadian Passport - Mail-In Application Timelines

    That means you they have opened your application in the system and you can start your wait, expecting another correspondence about your passport tracking status. All the best!
  6. s23srinivas

    Passport copies

    In your application form if you have given IRCC permission to access your CBSA records they would check your entry/exit check prior to the interview from the cbsa system and may verify for any missing dates in the system against your claim by physically checking for the corresponding stamping on...
  7. s23srinivas

    OCI process

    copr is not required for renunciation.
  8. s23srinivas

    OCI process Submission Type = Walkin/Postal depending on your situation Application Type = Passport Application
  9. s23srinivas

    OCI process

    Self declaration. Just a simple letter stating you are not married will do. All the best!
  10. s23srinivas

    Does Canada deport naturalized citizen?

    Naturalized citizen without a dual citizenship is still a citizen of this country. So where would the country deport someone after becoming a citizen through the naturalization process? Nowhere. But the citizenship can be revoked under very special circumstances. You may read about it in the...
  11. s23srinivas

    No update from IRCC on citizenship oath ceremony. Next steps?

    For most of the cases its from the case processing office.
  12. s23srinivas

    OCI process

    They didn't require an appointment when I applied in Sept. Possibly the increased number of covid cases since then might have prompted them to provide service based on appointments. I don't think there should be a problem to apply at BLS Toronto if you live in Brampton. But you never know what...
  13. s23srinivas

    OCI process

    I got the OCI first on 23rd Oct then on 27th got the cancelled passport. You will get the OCI soon. What is the status on ociservices website?
  14. s23srinivas

    Does BLS Require Original Documents for OCI?

    If they don't ask its great! Can't say. Wait and watch.
  15. s23srinivas

    Having parents visit Canada - Health Insurance & Advice

    I didn't get any response. So still not sure. But from an insurance standpoint, I believe any travel health insurance to cover non-covid ailments is good to have(coverage and premium depends on individual's requirement) than not having anything at all. All the best!
  16. s23srinivas

    OCI Application - What worked for me to submit the application

    After you get the Citizenship certificate with your new name you will have to apply for the Canadian Passport. Then with the Canadian passport you can apply for the OCI. The OCI will have your name per your Canadian passport and not per your cancelled Indian passport as you need to submit the...
  17. s23srinivas

    October 2019 - Citizenship Applicants

    You don't have to renew the PR card if you don't anticipate any travel outside the country during the citizenship processing. But for any kind of emergency, its better to renew the PR card since we don't know how long is the wait going to be for getting the test invite and other citizenship...
  18. s23srinivas

    Does BLS Require Original Documents for OCI?

    Originals are needed for verification purpose only. The application packet as such will only require all self-attested photocopies only. If you are sending the application using courier pickup service then the original documents will be returned back after verification in a separate courier...
  19. s23srinivas

    OCI process

    All the best! From Maharashtra. Had lived in Hyderabad for about 5 years.
  20. s23srinivas

    OCI process

    You have to first fill up the form online and register for OCI. This step when completed successfully will basically give you an OCI application form filled with your information with a QR code and application number. Along with this filled up form you can then submit the required documents to...