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  1. alok4best

    Name Change on Passport

    Depends on how the question is worded. If it says "Have you changed your name/address since last passport was issued", then NO. If it says "Were you known by any other name ever"., then Yes.
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    After ppr how much time is given to submit passport?

    Your post implied that you had received it already. No worries, when the PPM email eventually comes, it will have detailed instructions. In a nutshell, you will need to submit passport at your nearest VFS for Canada center, either by post or in person. The stamped passport will be returned to...
  3. alok4best

    After ppr how much time is given to submit passport?

    They would have sent instructions on how to submit the passport. It can differ from one country to another, but the usual norm is that you can either go and submit the passport in person or post it to your nearest VFS for Canada center.
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    Proof of fund 3 months bank statement is accepted?

    Gift deed should be okay. Overall proof of funds condition has to satisfied, it does not have to be all from primary applicants account.
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    Proof of fund 3 months bank statement is accepted?

    Why don't you give the 6 month statement. If they ask, just explain from where did you get the sudden spike in your balance.
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    Parent visitor visa (no income for parent, no property in india)

    You have better chances at SuperVisa.
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    Can you guys help me?

    It appears to me that the CBSA officer probably missed to notice that she had left Canada in between. They most probably thought she arrived on 5th April and left on 28th Nov, which is more than 6 month of continuous say..What makes these things complicated is that you don't get an exit stamp on...
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    refused parents visitor visa

    Can you please start another thread as we will go off-topic with the original query this thread was for.
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    just got visitor visa but where can I find my uci number

    Yes, the pdf that they sent you when they approve the TRV, that contains a number. I guess around the top right corner close to the bar code? That is your UCI. UCI is issued for TRV as well. UCI is like a profile for all applicants on IRCC's system. You will be issued an UCI irrespective of what...
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    refused parents visitor visa

    I would say lay low for sometime. Cancel their flight tickets and apply after some time. May be after 6 months to a year. Also in addition to how much your husband earns, it also matters how much you have in your bank accounts. I recently did TRV for my parents and my in-laws. They are all...
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    To all new PR holders with no Last Name, Advice required!

    Yeah. Thanks for the confirmation. Pretty much in line with my understanding of how the system works. I will have to go through the gazette route as I just have a single name as of now. Have figured out few agents in India who can sort out the newspaper/gazette thing for reasonable price. Just a...
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    Is this misrepresentation?

    I don't get it. You asked people for their opinion here. Every one has said that you should be fine and asked you not to worry. You still got in touch with a lawyer who wants to charge you 15,000. At this moment you really have two options. Either you agree to the advice of people here and stop...
  13. alok4best

    refused parents visitor visa

    Yes, you should have added details of all the assets they had. I think what went against the application was: 1> The requested duration was 5 months and 3 weeks. Which makes Visa officer believe that the only reason you have put this duration is because the limit is 6 months, if the limit was...
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    To all new PR holders with no Last Name, Advice required!

    Quick question. Based on the info that you have provided, I understand these are the steps in chronological order: 1. Apply a name change with service Ontario. No proof required, as this is the start point of the process. I guess this should take a couple of weeks to process. Please confirm. 2...
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    Landing in Canada

    Taking a day's break to rest should not be a problem.
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    To all new PR holders with no Last Name, Advice required!

    To add on to my last response, booking flight tickets is a different issue altogether. The usual practice with north American airlines is to put LNU in your last name field when booking tickets. So if your passport reads Mr. John, you book your tickets as Mr. John LNU. This practice differs...
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    To all new PR holders with no Last Name, Advice required!

    It is very simple. If you have just one name, i.e. First Name and a blank Last Name, you will just use your First Name in all application forms that you will fill for your PR process. However, IRCC will pick your first name and put in the last name field in all the documents they will issue...
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    Will moving violation in US Driving History records effect License exchange in Ontario?

    You will get a license,no issues with that. However Insurance companies will penalise you for that ticket with higher rates.
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    Getting divorced after landing as PR As Dependant spouse

    I think you first need to consult a lawyer and get your marriage/divorce sorted out. I sympathise with you, but your posts have been all over the place. You need to make up your mind and first and decide exactly what you want to do. Only then you can make some coherent decision. Also divorces...
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    I would say October. Weather in October is still pretty mild and bearable in the Toronto area. Proper snowfall starts only around December. February could be brutal with a number of snowstorms.