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    got terminated. sinp pr application on process

    got terminated in a job. but have existing pr application.. would that affect my pr? already paid landing and done with medicals. under sinp.
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    Guys please help. Anybody here got terminated by employer?

    My sister was terminated by her employer. She has application fir pr under sinp. March 2014 still waiting for decusion made. Shes done with medical and landing fee.
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    anyone here going to the border this weekend?

    Anyone here got email from cic for landing appointment
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    cic call for landing interview

    I got a call for landing appointment? Anybody the same as my situatio... I got my passport back yesterday.
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    doing landing? where to go please help

    Guys. I'm from edmonton I'm doing landing on weekend. What is the nearest boarder to do landling
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    waiting for passport to be returned?

    Anybody here waiting for passport returned? Cic received my passport last Oct 27..
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    Anybody applied on feb 2014?

    My application was recieved feb 10, 2014 still dont have any email regarding the application. I dont have aor yet. Anyone who have the same situation? How long to get an aor?
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    DECEMBER 2013 applicants any news.?

    Did anyone form dec applicants got pcc request? Or landing fee?
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    Please help.. Waiting for Aor. February applicant

    They deducted the application fee last march 6 and i applied feb 10.. Still waiting for aor. Anybody here got the same situation?
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    Feb applicant and got no AOR yet..

    Anybody have the same situation. My friend applied forc cec and application was recieved feb 10 and deducted on his credit card last march 6 and still got no aor...
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    How to get pcc in dubai..

    Let me know how to get pcc in dubai the fastest way.... Ur help will be much appreciated..
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    DEC 2013 applicants applied in Nova scotia. Any news

    Any updates after medical received? How many months to wait until they ask for PCC?
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    Medical in edmonton:

    Feb 24 is the latest for appointment.. Doctors are busy..
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    I got my aor on my old email account...

    I got my aor and medical request on my old email account,.. Not the one i input on my pr application.. I wonder y.. Maybe my old email add is on their data base...
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    Waiting for aor.. Application fee deducted on my credit card.

    Im waiting for my aor. Application fee deducted on my credit card last jan 24 waiting for aor.. Anybody have the same situation?
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    Dubai police clearance!?

    Guys.. I just wanna ask how many months process for dubai police clearance request tru uae embassy manila?
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    ainp applicants!!! Pnp under ainp-awe.. Nov applicants.. Share tyo....

    I submitted my application dec 19 and was recieved dec 23 still wauting for aor...
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    Hello sa mga vfs manila sowp applicants?

    Meron n po ng naapproved n visa n ng apply sa vfs manila?
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    Anybody got their certificate? Ainp under alberta work experience category

    Got my file number nov 27.. Application received nov 14
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    I got a positive lmo for food service manager!

    I dont know what to do.. I got a positive lmo for food sefice manager that will expire on 1st week of feb 2014. I already have my ielts and i only got 6 band score,, unfortunately for noc O it should be 7 band score.. Currently im working as food service supervisor, i already apply for...