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  1. aryansood89

    Best gic option for Indian applicants

    Dm me for more details..
  2. aryansood89

    Best gic option for Indian applicants

    Hi Guys...if you guys haveany doubts regarding CIBC gace program I can help you throughout the process for why did you use my referral email while creating your account and I can guide you throughout the process whole process step by step... Also for using my email you guys...
  3. aryansood89

    CIBC GIC Program

    You need to transfer funds
  4. aryansood89

    Ccpt humber college

    Hi everyone has anyone Registered for ccpt online? If yes could you plz share the preparation resources...
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    About student visa

    Going for December intake
  6. aryansood89

    How much time does immigration take at Toronto Pearson International Airport

    Book on a single carrier so you don't need to collect luggage at connecting airport otherwise you would need to collect your luggage at connection and recheck in it which is a very nerve wracking job
  7. aryansood89

    About student visa

    Yes write that in sop
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    Just give medicals asap so that they can review application and give decision
  9. aryansood89

    How much time does immigration take at Toronto Pearson International Airport

    Would you pass from immigration if the connection is with same carrier... meaning that one ticket for the whole journey.. For ticket prices check on Skyscanner
  10. aryansood89

    Student visa

    No need to biometrics bro it clearly states that
  11. aryansood89

    Refusal bad you should mention about the future prospects of your course in your country apart from family Friends etc
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    Like you improved your IELTS result and will return to home after course completion
  13. aryansood89

    Visa rejection

    Yes if you reapply with strong IELTS score and good sop you will surely get visa
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    Reapply with strong sop
  15. aryansood89

    VFS Delhi ... !!!

    Yes but you have to pay extra so that VFS can transfer to the original vfs
  16. aryansood89

    Upfront Medical Test Confusion

    No delay as eligibility review starts after you give biometrics.. Have you done gic?
  17. aryansood89

    GIC - Sending funds to a Canadian bank from a Philippine bank

    It depends which Canadian bank you choose
  18. aryansood89

    One week international student visa?

    You applying through SDS?