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  1. arnaud

    Hong Kong Police clearance

    Awesome, thanks!
  2. arnaud

    Waiting for PR Card after landing - add your case here

    My ecas has been showing PR Card Application Complete for a few days now...I landed on March 5. Hopefully I will get my card in a couple hours!
  3. arnaud

    Hong Kong Police clearance

    Did you receive an actual letter from CIC or just an email? A friend of mine who is from Hong Kong is wondering if the email from CIC is actually the letter that is mentioned in the instructions. Thanks!
  4. arnaud


    Well in my case yes, they did :) I'm not saying this is a general rule, I am just sharing my experience here.
  5. arnaud


    I had my WP stapled to my passport, they took it away and kept it.
  6. arnaud


    Only the passport and CoPR are needed. I didn't need anything else when I landed,
  7. arnaud


    Thanks guys! Thanks for everybody's advice and good luck to the future permanent residents! :)
  8. arnaud


    I just received my CoPR in the mail today! Finally!!!
  9. arnaud

    CEC - NOC 2283

    It's ok if you don't have the company's stamp on the letter as long as it's written on company letterhead as per the checklist requirements.
  10. arnaud

    CANADIAN EX PR APP - Time Frame for Decisions after medical results received

    They may still be doing security checks or reviewing your medical results... It's hard to tell for sure. Did you apply for GMCS notes? It's the only way to know exactly what's going on with your case.
  11. arnaud

    12000 cap covers NOC O,A,B or only NOC B?

    The 12000 applications cap refers to all CEC applications.
  12. arnaud


    My ecas changed to Decision Made on Feb 23. I still haven't heard anything from CIC... Hopefully the wait will end this week! Good luck to all!
  13. arnaud

    July 2013 Applicants Join here

    Yes, unless there is something wrong with your Criminality or Security checks.
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    You can check to see where Immigration Services are available. Last time I went to Peace Arch for my work permit around 11pm, Immigration Services were open and there was no line up. Hope this helps!
  15. arnaud

    July 2013 Applicants Join here

    You can just fill out the table directly in the email and send it in your reply.
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    NEED HELP (Job Duties for Quality Analyst 2171) Here is a list of duties performed under NOC 2171
  17. arnaud

    filing income tax

    I can't say anything about exactly how much interest are, but if I were you I would pay it before trying to re-enter Canada (or you may have issues at the point of entry).
  18. arnaud

    Filing your taxes yourself

    Seriously, don't waste $20 on TurboTax when your tax return is basic. Software like StudioTax are free and do the job as well as paid software. I used StudioTax this year for basic tax return and I would highly recommend it
  19. arnaud

    Files required for tax return

    Your wife will definitely need a SIN number if she has a work permit. She can go to Service Canada and they will give her a temporary SIN number (starting with 9) valid for the duration of her work permit.