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  1. Jalex23

    When does auto insurance's prime goes down?

    Haven't found a straight answer to this. We are in Alberta. So we are here since 2008, and we are near our 40s. We didn't buy a car as we could handle well on public transport and walking, but now the family has grown. I can easily afford buying a new car, so I wanted to do that, but then the...
  2. Jalex23

    Processing time for trv applied from within Canada

    Post this in the International Student subforum:
  3. Jalex23

    Visitor visa rejected, does it affect future chances?

    Many ways. How long has she been in this 9-5 job? Did she include a letter from her work stating when she is expected back and why? You have to think of ways of showing she has a life to come back to China. Hopefully she only asked for 2 weeks vacation. It seems fishy that she is travelling to...
  4. Jalex23

    Visit on maternity leave

    It depends on your situation. A mother travelling with her 1 yr old child seems like along shot for a TRV, but as long as you have proper documentation to prove your claims you should have no problems. Yes, you need an invitation letter to explain your reasons to travel to Canada. You can stay...
  5. Jalex23

    Cost of blood test for a visitor in Alberta

    Depends on the province, the lab and the type of test. It is better if you go to a lab, they can help you better. No insurance would cover this.
  6. Jalex23

    ETA concerns

    If she has a Czech passport (she is a Czech citizen) then there should be no problem.
  7. Jalex23

    Supervisa medical test

    This doesn't make sense. You will have to confirm with the physician if they already sent the results, if so then that's it, if not then you will have to send them.
  8. Jalex23

    Can my mom invite my boyfriend in Canada?

    Then what options do you have? If he is not your bf then why would you invite him? The other option is to let him apply on his own.
  9. Jalex23

    Traveling to Canada in business owned car

    Not an issue. Bring proper documentation that proves whatever you are claiming to be true.
  10. Jalex23

    how to fill up application form 5257

    You need to print the complete history in a separate paper, then attach this to the letter of explanation.
  11. Jalex23

    i don't have any relatives so how i apply the visitor visa

    Leave it blank if it is not applicable.
  12. Jalex23

    Can my mom invite my boyfriend in Canada?

    You should be inviting him. The relationship is the relationship you have.
  13. Jalex23

    Visitor Visa - R1 Visa

    Please use the tool:
  14. Jalex23

    what does this mean?

    Nor bad nor good. You will have to wait and see.
  15. Jalex23

    Supervisa medical test

    You should do the medical. The medical will transfer the results to CIC. Make sure to ask this to the physician performing the test.
  16. Jalex23

    Question about Visitor Visas

    Yes, it is possible. There is a "grace period" where you can travel freely after your permit expires, usually 1-2 weeks. If your stay is longer than that then you should apply to extend your status as a visitor. This only applies if you are not leaving the country. No.
  17. Jalex23

    Renew TRV from inside Canada

    Yes, you answered wrongly. Most probably you said you want to be here more than 6 months.
  18. Jalex23

    Add new information to my visitor visa

    No problem.
  19. Jalex23

    Right to Information Act

    You can try.